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Ladybug Picnic

Posted by: Maggie

We had our first picnic dinner of the year last weekend! We love to just pack up a simple dinner and go eat on the grass at a nearby park when the weather is nice. It’s a lovely way to end the weekend and a chance for Eleanor to run around and get out the last of her weekend energy so that she might actually go to sleep without a fight and get some rest for a new school week.

And it’s especially nice when the ladybugs come out to join us!

p.s. I found this cute picnic basket, complete with cups, dishes, and silverware, at Goodwill for just $5! Major score!

Take your dinner to the park this weekend! I guarantee you’ll thank me! It’s fun and free!

Guest Blogging at Campfire Chic Today!

Posted by: Maggie

Check out my guest post over at Campfire Chic today! I’m giving some great tips on how to turn your everyday outings into fabulous photo shoots!

La Brea Tar Pits

Posted by: Maggie

On yet another Spring weekend outing we drove to Westwood to drop off some photo gear I rented, and grab some Diddy Riese cookies. We got out of the house later than we had planned so we were all hungry for lunch before cookie time. So, we decided to grab some In-N-Out. To remind you, we are vegetarians, so we get the secret menu item, Grilled Cheese, which is just a cheeseburger without the meat. Eleanor is all about the french fries and ketchup.

While in Westwood I remember that we had been meaning to check out the La Brea Tar Pits. It’s just a few miles from Westwood and we get in free with our Natural History Museum membership. So, after lunch and cookies, we headed down Wilshire to the Tar Pits.

The museum was okay. It’s much smaller than I thought, so there wasn’t as much for Eleanor to run around and look at, like there is at the Natural History Museum. I think we would have enjoyed it more if we could have followed along on the tour and got to hear more information about the Ice Age Mega-Fauna and Mega-Flora in SoCal. But unfortunately, Eleanor just isn’t old enough to sit through that. Maybe we’ll go back in a few years and try again.

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