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Can’t get enough of the Keegan Gross family? Tell us why! (as if we didn’t know.)

Want to let us know why we’re making you cranky? We’d love to hear it!

But don’t expect a response. Like letters mailed to God, your e-mails will be routed to Jerusalem, printed off by the Israeli Postal Service, folded up and stuffed into the Western Wall every six months.

We’re kidding, of course! We love getting your emails! We read and attempt to respond to all of the emails we receive. Although I admit we aren’t great at keeping up with correspondence what with the being busy with work and baby and writing blog posts for you to read, and then there’s the laziness, but we promise to read all of your emails and at least think about you. Too bad you can’t just read our minds. That would save us all a lot of time.

Maggie is maggie (at) makingmecranky (dot) com

Josh is josh (at) makingmecranky (dot) com

Eleanor is eleanor (at) makingmecranky (dot) com

Seriously. You can e-mail a baby. I wonder what would happen..?