Betsy’s Baby Shower

Posted by: Maggie

Our friend Betsy is having her first baby next month! I’m super excited for her and her husband Justin. Back in August (I know, I’m a tad behind in my blogging), her sister and friends threw her a gorgeous baby shower. Unfortunately, I was feeling so sick and exhausted that morning, so I only took a few photos. Luckily, Amy was also there! Yay! So you can check out her post and all of her fabulous photos of the day.

Love you Bets! Can’t wait to meet your little girl!

Weekly Pregnancy Update: Week 11

Posted by: Maggie

Okay, I clearly need a new location to set-up my backdrop. I fully recognize this is not the best lighting (almost entirely side-lit) and that I can do better. It’s just the only spot in the house where I can set-up fairly quickly and easily. I’ll try to work on something new for next week.

The Week in Pregnant

Kind of a crappy week.  I thought the nausea was over, but then felt sick a couple days toward the end of the week.  But that was not the worst part of the week. I started having some super awesome sciatic nerve pain, which as some of you may know is a literal pain in my ass AND back AND down through the back of my leg. I got it last pregnancy, but not until the end. So this time, I’m plenty early. Apparently what’s going on is either my uterus has already expanded enough to sit on my sciatic nerve, or my pelvis has widened and the bones are pushing on the nerve, or that my little lime sized baby is already big enough to be pushing on my nerve.  Whatever it is, it is not fun! On mild days it’s been uncomfortable, on bad days it’s very painful to walk and just move in general. So that’s awesome. Luckily, something seems to have shifted Sunday night. I went to bed in a lot of pain, I could barely find a comfortable position to sleep in, but when I woke up, it didn’t hurt anymore. So I’ve got some relief for now, let’s hope it lasts.

I’ll leave out the details of my bloatiness, maybe save it for a week when I’ve got nothing else to complain about!

As usual, I’m as exhausted as ever. Apparently, I’m working on growing the placenta this week and that is some serious work!

Oh, and on a good note, my appetite is coming back and it looks like I’ve stopped losing weight. Although, really I’m sure I’ve got plenty of fat stores for the baby and me to live on for a while. Now I get to watch how much I gain and try not to overdo it with my nightly ice cream treat!

Cravings of the Week

  • Chilli
  • Grapes
  • Soup
  • Beanie Weenies – a childhood comfort food, did anyone else eat this as a kid? (baked beans with hot dog cut up into it – we eat vegetarian baked beans and soy dogs of course!)

Tears of the Week

In case you haven’t been pregnant or around someone who is pregnant, you know that pregnancy hormones make you crazy emotional.

  • I’ve been re-watching The West Wing, I got to the end last week and several of the final episodes made me cry.
  • The first episode of Zooey Deschanel’s new Fox sit-com was on. In the show, after a bad break-up she’s moved in with 3 guys who were looking for a roomate. At the end of the episode the guys leave the best party of the year when they find out she’d been stood up on a date, and they sing “Time of Your Life” from Dirty Dancing to her in the middle of the restaurant. (I seriously started tearing up right now writing about it. Something is definitely wrong with me!)

Baby Brain Moments of the Week

  • I pulled into the parking lot at Eleanor’s school an hour early. Looking around I wondered why there weren’t any other parents there for pick-up, only to remember that I had left the house early to run a couple errand before I picked her up.
  • Wandering around the grocery store trying to remember what I had come to buy. After filling my cart with other stuff, I got home and then realized I had forgotten the most important thing I was there to get, which was one of just three things I was shopping for: toilet paper.

And….I’ll leave you with that! More fun and new baby-food size comparisons next week!

Sunday Reading

Posted by: Maggie

From this week in my blog reader:

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday!