Mmmmm Cocoa!

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And the Muppets Christmas Special! Yay! Don’t you just love the holidays!


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Eleanor’s 12 Month Doctor’s Visit, First Cold, and a Playdate with Andrew

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Now that I am, once again, studying for the Bar exam I will try to post at least once a week, more if possible. So you can expect some longer posts summarizing the week’s events.

Last Monday Eleanor had her 12 month doctor’s visit. The doctor seemed impressed by her walking and talking skills and said that she seems to be doing very well growth-wise. She is now 20 lbs 13.8 oz which is the perfect 50th percentile for her age and she is 32.75 inches tall which is the 100th percentile. This basically means that she weighs about the same as most kids her age, but is much taller than any kid her age. Her height is actually the average height of a 19-20 month old! Lets hope this trend continues so that she will be tall like her daddy and not teeny like her mommy. Besides that she got five shots which was pretty miserable. As usual she was cranky and ran a slight fever for a couple days afterward.

In addition to getting shots from her doctor’s visit, she also picked up her first cold. We are usually good about keeping her in the “Well Baby” waiting room away from the sick kids, but Josh wasn’t able to get the time off of his new job (he’ll post about the job soon) and I was apparently, just not thinking. I thought that Eleanor would enjoy looking at the fish tank in the regular waiting room. She did. I was planning on just washing her hands afterward, but before I knew it she had leaned her head forward and licked the glass.  There is no tongue washing that could have saved her. She ended up with her very first cold. I have been so proud that Josh and I had remained vigilant about germs throughout her first year. The baby books say that kids tend to get a number of colds throughout their first year, but she had never been sick once. What a great way to start her second year. She was pretty miserable for about two days with a runny nose, constant sneezing, and a little bit of a cough. And then it pretty much went away, thank goodness.

After her illness, I thought that she could use a little fresh air. So on Friday we had a playdate with my friend Andrew. Andrew loves babies, works near our apartment, and doesn’t have to be at work until the afternoon so he came over and we all went to the park for some baby fun.

Although Eleanor gave him the stink eye when he arrived at our apartment. I think she warmed up to him when he helped her pick up leaves to put in her mouth.