First Steps!

Posted by: Maggie

Now she’s really going to be trouble. Eleanor took her first unassisted steps on Saturday. She stepped two steps from the nightstand to the bed, twice. I missed it the first time and didn’t believe Josh when he told me, but then she did it again. I kinda thought it was a fluke and wouldn’t happen again for a while, but the next day another two steps from the chair to the ottoman. Yesterday just one step to me in the middle of the room, and today two more steps to me in the middle of the room. These steps were more impressive to me than her first steps between furniture because I don’t think she completely trusts me to catch her. She still seems a little wary when I let go of her hands to let her stand by herself, but she is standing unassissted more and more so more steps can’t be too far away.

Prop 8 Update!

Posted by: Maggie

I just received an email from the President of the University sent to the entire Pepperdine community.  Here is an excerpt:

“The Yes on 8 Campaign is using the Pepperdine name in a manner in which we do not approve.  We asked the campaign to separate more clearly their partisan cause from our University’s name, but they refused…we ask our students, faculty, and staff to help clear up misunderstandings with those who may ask concerning Pepperdine’s perceived role in a campaign in which it is not involved.”

So, you know, I’m just doing my part.  You’re welcome Pepperdine!

Prop 8

Posted by: Maggie

I had not planned on getting political on our blog, but this one is really important.

Proposition 8 is the ballot initiative to amend the California constitution to eliminate the recently recognized right for same-sex couples to marry. Those of you who live in California may have noticed the Yes on Prop 8 ads that have been airing lately. These ads feature Pepperdine University School of Law Professor Richard Peterson and identify him as a Professor at Pepperdine. This Professor, by the way, is not a constitutional scholar.  His area of expertise is Special Education law.

After seeing the first ad and receiving phone calls and emails from friends and family asking whether my school supports this position, I and a number of my fellow alumni sent letters to the Deans of the school voicing our disappointment that our school’s name had been used in the ad.  We would not want to infringe on a Professor’s free speech rights, but the use of the school’s name makes it appear as if the University supports his position.  The Deans of the school were very kind in their responses and agreed that they were also not pleased about the use of the school’s name in the ads.  The University’s official position is that the school does not advocate for or against political candidates or ballot propositions. The producer of the ads was contacted and agreed to remove the name from the ad, which he did.  A few days after after the ad first appeared the Professor’s title in the ad was changed to “Professor of Law” and did not use the school’s name.

Unfortunately, a week later, a second ad began airing which once again featured the Professor and used the title “Pepperdine University Professor of Law.”  However, in small print at the bottom of the screen it says “title for identification purposes only.”  I could not even read this small print on my television screen. I had to look up the ad on the internet to read it, and the meaning of it is unclear.  It does not clearly send the message that the University does not support this position.  After sending another email to the Deans I was told that this time the producer of the ad refused to remove the title from the ad and refused to use the University’s disclaimer.

I am disgusted by these hateful, fear mongering ads and am ashamed that one of my Professors appears in them. This issue is very important to me and I want all of my friends and family to know that my school does not support this Proposition, and neither of course do I.

I urge you all to search your hearts and minds when deciding how you will vote on this proposition.

For the Republicans in the house: