Mother’s Day

Posted by: Maggie

We celebrated my first real Mother’s Day last weekend with Eleanor’s first restaurant dinner Saturday night with my mom. She was very good throughout the meal. She slept at the beginning of the evening and then joined in the conversation at the table.

On Sunday in addition to celebrating Mother’s Day we celebrated my step-mother Leila’s birthday.

Eleanor had a good time with the family again joining the conversation at the table.

Grandma Leila introduced Eleanor to the doggies, an Irish Wolfhound and a Lab.

What Eleanor Has Been Up To

Posted by: Maggie

Eleanor is five and a half months old and getting bigger (and heavier) every day.

She’s so tall that we’ve given up on having her wear onesies which if they are long enough to button are far too wide and if they are thin enough to fit they are too short. So it’s all t-shirts and pants and the occasional dress for special occasions from now on.

She seems to have a good sense of humor. She is always laughing at something, but rarely at the same thing twice.

She can sit up by herself,

although she likes to rock back and forth so she often knocks herself over.

She likes to kick, hit, and yell at her evil twin in the mirror.

The play gym she used to love doesn’t really hold her attention anymore.

She loves to be on her stomach now. She’s not crawling yet but she moves herself around by rolling over multiple times and wiggling around on her stomach.

Teeth haven’t come in yet, but she is definitely teething. She is constantly drooling, puts everything she can get her hands on (including her feet) into her mouth and gums, rather than sucks, her thumb.

She enjoys eating rice cereal and peas,

but hates green beans.

She started to say mama the other day, but most often it is ama or abamamababa and she usually says it to Josh.

She still loves her bunny.

Maggie Finished Law School!

Posted by: Maggie

I took my last ever final of law school last week and since then I have been working on a project for my estate planning class which was due today.

My project partner and very good friend Jonathan and I had our last lunch of law school together at our favorite lunch spot in Malibu, Taverna Tony, yesterday before meeting with our professor and finishing our work on the project.

This morning Jonathan put the finishing touches on the project and turned it in for us. So as of 10am I completed law school. Now all that is left is graduation (as long as I passed my classes) next Friday (oh and the bar exam in July)!

Josh was at work so Eleanor and I celebrated together with her first trip to the bookstore!

I got a few books from the summer reading table and Eleanor got a few board books for herself.