Josh’s Birthday

Posted by: Maggie

Josh’s Birthday was April 29th, so we celebrated his birthday with my family over the weekend.

Eleanor helped her Daddy blow out the candles (sorta).

Eleanor (sans pants) enjoyed playing with the tissue paper Daddy’s gift was wrapped in.

She liked it so much I had to stop her from eating it.

Dodger Baseball

Posted by: Maggie

While I studied for my finals at home with Eleanor, Josh went to a Dodger game with his dad and sister. The tickets were a gift from Josh and Beth to their dad for his birthday.

Eleanor’s First Passover

Posted by: Maggie

We celebrated the second night of Passover with Josh’s family at his second cousin Diana’s home two Sundays ago (I’m in finals right now so I’m a little behind in my blogging and really should be studying instead of working on this, but its good to have the occasional distraction).

Eleanor looked very pretty in a dress Josh’s grandmother Renee sent her.

Eleanor fussed during the Seder and fell asleep on Josh’s arm during the meal so he ate one handed while trying not to disturb her. She was a little more cheerful after her nap and had some fun with the family.

Here she is with her Grandpa Gross and Aunt Beth:

Aunt Beth and Aunt Jenny :

Grandpa Gross:

Because Eleanor was the only child at Passover she got to find the Afikomen (the last piece of matzah of the meal) and trade it with Diana for a prize.

It was an inflatable Matzah ball that her Aunt helped her blow up.