Eleanor’s First Playdate!

Posted by: Maggie

Hey everybody Josh wrote his first post, which is good because I wasn’t there so my recollections would likely be unreliable:

On Monday, Eleanor had her very first playdate with baby colleague, Kaitlyn Ramirez. Kaitlyn is the young progeny of Christina and Greg, of the Ramirez Family fame. Christina is my co-worker at the School of Public Policy and a fellow baby-haver. Kaitlyn was actually born only two days before Eleanor, so its almost like they are the same baby.

We were curious to see what two babies almost the exact same age would do when placed in the same room.

The answer: cry!

Actually, Eleanor was relatively fuss-free, but only because she was a guest. We had a long talk in the car ride over about appropriate behavior when visiting friends. For some reason, she is much more polite for friends and family than she is for mommy and daddy. I haven’t decided if this is a good thing or not. Eleanor and Kaitlyn seemed interested in each other, both watching carefully when the other was occupied elsewhere. But they seemed to really connect during the photo shoot on the couch, where they agreed that “this was B.S.”

Eleanor was charmed by Kaitlyn’s bumbo seat and crazy moose, but was most impressed with the giant television. She told me on the ride home that she thought it was time to upgrade. I said we’d get a new t.v. when she gets a job.

Betsy’s Birfday!

Posted by: Maggie

Sunday afternoon we celebrated my friend Betsy’s Birthday with a barbeque in the park down the street from her apartment in Silver Lake.

Here she is in her birthday tiara with Eleanor.

Betsy and her husband Justin’s moms had fun meeting Eleanor.

Betsy and Justin went for a ride around the park on their new bicycle built for two.

Josh and I felt like bad parents because we forgot sunscreen for Eleanor and for ourselves. We managed to keep Eleanor out of the sun, but did not do the same for ourselves and we both ended up burnt.

Happy 26th Betsy! Can you believe we are so old?!

Sleeping Through the Night!

Posted by: Maggie

Our lovely little girl has finally begun to sleep through the night! When I say through the night, I mean the whole night. She goes to bed around 8:30 – 9:30pm and wakes up at about 8:30am every morning. She must have a strong internal clock because no matter what time she goes to bed she wakes up right around 8:30. She always wakes up in a good mood. I hear her babbling in her crib when she wakes up. When I come in to get her she gives me a great big smile and wiggles around waiting for me to take her out of her swaddling blanket.

She first slept through the night about two weeks ago and has done it just about every night since then. It has been wonderful. For the first time in about 6 months for me and 4 months for Josh we have gotten a full nights sleep. I can feel the fog of baby brain lifting and I can finally focus on whatever I am working on.