Eleanor’s Recital

Posted by: Maggie

Last month, Eleanor had her Spring dance recital. She and her class were adorable in their yellow tutus dancing to “You are My Sunshine.” Unfortunately, the recital was held in those magical evening hours when delightful children turn into crank monsters. Luckily, Eleanor’s class we first so we were able to sneak out after her performance, because she was not in the mood to sit through two hours of other kids dancing! (See the sullen ballerina photos at the end of this post.)

Enjoy the video! Eleanor is the tiny ballerina second from the left:

Our Sullen Ballerina

Fabulous Friday: Kiwi Crates

Posted by: Maggie

FYI: The links in this post are affiliate links, which means that we earn a little frozen yogurt money if you buy this product that we LOVE! Sweet right?!

We are crazy for Kiwi Crates! They are a subscription service that provides mail-order crafts and projects for 3-7 year old kids. Every month they send you a new crate which includes two themed crafts or projects! Last month was Medieval Times and featured a mini catapult and a princess hat, this month is Bugs, featuring a bug sponge painting and a firefly craft!

We got a subscription for Eleanor for Christmas and she loves it! She’s excited when a new box arrives each month with new projects for us to work on together. What’s great is that there are varying levels of difficulty, so some crafts she can complete almost entirely on her own and some need a lot of parent assistance. I’m sure this will be great as she gets older and can do more of these projects on her own.

The very best part is that each crate comes with all the necessary supplies to complete your projects. This is wonderful for a parent like me who does not have the time, nor the crafty skills and knowledge to plan a project and shop for supplies. And at just $19.95 per month I’m sure it’s much less expensive than if I were to purchase all of the supplies separately for every new project I came up with. Love, love, love Kiwi Crates!

Click here or on their ad in the sidebar to subscribe and get your own awesome monthly craft deliveries!

Delightful kids' crafts delivered right to your door.  <Visit Kiwi Crate!>

George’s Two Month Stats

Posted by: Maggie

I neglected to mention in yesterday’s George’s Second Month post that George had his two month check-up and I know that you Mommy’s of babies love to hear baby stats. George is now 23 3/4″ long and weighs 10lb 11oz. That puts him in the 50th percentile for height and 25th for weight. He’s grown four inches since birth and gained 3lbs 4oz. Can you imagine growing 4 inches in just two months?! Babies are amazing!

The doctor said George is looking great, and growing really well. George had his two month vaccinations at this visit. The poor baby looked so shocked when he got his first shot and then cried his loudest angriest cry, but wasn’t too difficult to calm down. When Eleanor had her first shots she barely cried, but was cranky for the next day or two afterwards. George didn’t have any crankiness, but he ran a low fever that night. I’m sure he must have been uncomfortable, but he didn’t really show it. He was in his usual pleasant mood. Such a sweet baby!

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