Ladybug Picnic

Posted by: Maggie

We had our first picnic dinner of the year last weekend! We love to just pack up a simple dinner and go eat on the grass at a nearby park when the weather is nice. It’s a lovely way to end the weekend and a chance for Eleanor to run around and get out the last of her weekend energy so that she might actually go to sleep without a fight and get some rest for a new school week.

And it’s especially nice when the ladybugs come out to join us!

p.s. I found this cute picnic basket, complete with cups, dishes, and silverware, at Goodwill for just $5! Major score!

Take your dinner to the park this weekend! I guarantee you’ll thank me! It’s fun and free!

Easter Part Two: The Basket & the Hunt

Posted by: Maggie

We awoke on Easter to Eleanor yelling that we had to get up NOW to go see if the Easter Bunny was here. Somehow in telling her the story she got the idea that the Easter Bunny wouldn’t just leave her basket and go, but would instead hang out, wait for Eleanor to wake up and then maybe stay for breakfast.

Eleanor was disappointed that there was no Bunny waiting, but was excited by the basket She had left behind. I think I overdid Eleanor’s Easter basket a bit.

My rule for Easter Baskets is the same as it is for Christmas stockings: keep it small and simple, a few small toys and some candy. I don’t want to make holidays about the gifts. I have a big problem with teaching your kids that stuff is important, and teaching them to expect to get more and more stuff for every holiday. I’ve heard of people filling giant Easter Baskets with DVDs and Video Games and expensive toys. I just think that’s too much!

But I’ll give those of you who do that a break, since this year I broke my rule a bit myself. Although I only spent about $10 in all (thanks to Target’s dollar section), I think I just got her a few too many things.

Her basket included: a bubble wand, an Alice in Wonderland Coloring Book, a mini board book about bugs, Dora the Explorer chapstick (she is obsessed with my chapstick so I thought she could use some of her own), Dora socks, a Where the Wild Things Are book bag, and some bunny ears, and of course some candy–purple peeps, a cadbury egg, and some plastic eggs filled with pastel Skittles. Too much stuff right?

After a relaxing morning at home eating bagels and candy, we went over to my mom’s where she had hid some eggs for Eleanor to find.

Her basket was a bit small for all those eggs. Don’t worry, she won’t be the only grandchild for too long, soon she’ll have some competition over finding those eggs.

The remainder of the day was spent on an insane sugar high. We definitely let her eat way too much candy and cookies. She was outta control. The highlight of the day was when her uncles entertained her. She is crazy about my three brothers. She talks about them all the time. She gets excited when William plays the guitar for her. So William played her some songs and he and Emmett and Elliott sang for her. I think her favorite was Del Shannon’s Runaway. She has good taste.

After a delicious spring veggie dinner and two kinds of dessert, a tres leches cake and a blackberry tart, we headed home where we had a fun time trying to put our strong willed child to bed with her never ending sugar high coupled with her usual dog allergy sneezing and runny nose from visiting any of her grandparents. And yet, I still love holidays! I’m clearly a masochist.

Easter Part One: Dyeing Easter Eggs

Posted by: Maggie

For the first time we decided to let Eleanor participate in Easter Egg dyeing. In prior years we didn’t trust her around colored dyes in our carpeted dining room. But she’s slightly more trustworthy these days.

We did end up with a few cracked eggs, but no spilled dye!

And I think our eggs turned out quite lovely!

Tip: If you use brown eggs you’ll get jewel tones instead of pastels!