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House Tour: Fall Decor

Posted by: Maggie

House Tour: Part Six-Eleanor’s Room

Posted by: Maggie

And the room you’ve all been waiting for, or at least I assume, Eleanor’s Room:

We’ve got a hot pink safari theme. Her original nursery was classic Winnie the Pooh pastels, but I decided to change it to something a little less baby-like and a little more fun little girl when she turned one.

The room is a little smaller than her last two, so the furniture is a bit cramped. But after rearranging everything about three or four times in the first week we moved, we came to an arrangement I can live with.

Neon Hippo from Ikea.

Beautiful Safari Mobile from Pottery Barn Kids.

Hot pink safari crib sheets from Baby Gap.

These are Eleanor’s sleeping buddies. George, Pooh, and Doggie. She MUST have all three in bed in order to go to sleep.

These photos and the ones with Eleanor in red are her One Year portraits. The blue mess is her first ever cupcake. Doesn’t that top right picture look like it will be the cover of her future punk rock album (she’s going to be a drummer).

The Elephants are also from Pottery Barn Kids. I have two more that we don’t want (long story) if anyone wants one, just let me know and it’s yours. Josh did the Elephant painting. Yup he can paint too. He’s a man of many talents. I originally commissioned a collection of three paintings about a year and a half ago. This one is all he has completed so far. Once the three are done they’ll hang on the big empty wall space above the crib.

These used to be our three bedtime books, but Eleanor has moved on. I miss them.

The picture on the left is our birth announcement and on the right are our series of ultrasounds. The hanging basket thingy and the lamp are Ikea. The chair is Pottery Barn Kids, the pillow is Ikea.

The bookcase is Ikea, the hot pink toy baskets are from Target.

I know I said that this was the finale of our House Tour, but I decided to add a little seasonal something special. So next week I’ll be giving you a House Tour: Fall Decor Spectacular, okay maybe it won’t be a spectacular, but there will certainly be some fall decor. I really love holiday decorations so we’ll be sure to also have a winter holiday decor tour as well.

House Tour: Part Five-The Bathroom

Posted by: Maggie

I’m gonna start off by saying that this is by far my least favorite room of the house. It’s not terrible. It’s just boring and I don’t really have a clear vision for what I want to do with it. I’m starting to figure it out though. Taking pictures really helped me think about it. And I glanced at the towels when I was at Target the other day so I’m starting to get some ideas.

On to the Bathroom:

For some reason the door handle is silver on the inside of the door, and gold on the outside. Josh wrote a little poem about it.

“Install new hardware, but keep the old

One is silver, the other is gold”


I hate the floor. It always looks filthy even when it is clean. Also, notice how the cabinet doors don’t line up properly. It bothers me soooo much. I actually know how to fix it, but that would take some time and effort.

I love this candle holder. There used to be a white candle on it, but it didn’t really work in this new bathroom. So I just switched it out when I pulled out my fall decorations.

So I’m thinking about grey and orange for my new bathroom colors. I saw some grey towels I like at target and I like how the candle looks with the tissue box.

Eleanor loves the big bath, plenty of room for splashing and practicing swimming.

We’ve started potty training once again. So this is our little potty training station, complete with a sticker chart and books to read to keep her busy while she sits.

And that’s our bathroom. Next week is our house tour finale, Eleanor’s Room!

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