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Betsy’s Birfday!

Posted by: Maggie

Sunday afternoon we celebrated my friend Betsy’s Birthday with a barbeque in the park down the street from her apartment in Silver Lake.

Here she is in her birthday tiara with Eleanor.

Betsy and her husband Justin’s moms had fun meeting Eleanor.

Betsy and Justin went for a ride around the park on their new bicycle built for two.

Josh and I felt like bad parents because we forgot sunscreen for Eleanor and for ourselves. We managed to keep Eleanor out of the sun, but did not do the same for ourselves and we both ended up burnt.

Happy 26th Betsy! Can you believe we are so old?!

Easter Sunday

Posted by: Maggie

Sunday was Easter, and was a very busy day!

Eleanor had not napped much on Saturday because she was out of the house celebrating her Grandpa Keegan’s birthday, so she was exhausted on Sunday. She napped most of the morning and even fell asleep on the changing table while we were getting her dressed in her Easter outfit.

Our first stop of the day was to visit our friend Andrew and his family so they could meet Eleanor. I have known them since I was sixteen so they have watched me change from a punk rock teenager to a mom and soon-to-be-attorney. Andrew’s mom, Julie, and dad, Andy, really seemed to enjoy meeting Eleanor. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera in.

We next went to my Aunt Kathleen’s house for an Easter Egg hunt.

We got to visit with my cousin Leana and second cousin, seven-month-old, Mia.

Josh hung out with Eleanor while I found our eggs.

For some reason my brother Emmett had two eggs to find.

After the Easter Egg Hunt we went to my mom’s house where Eleanor got her first Easter basket from her Grandma.

Then we had our Easter dinner.

Eleanor had fallen asleep on Daddy’s lap right before dinner so Daddy had his dinner on the couch.

After dinner Eleanor woke up and hung out with Grandma.

We were also belatedly celebrating my brother-in-law Christian’s birthday.

My mom got him an interesting gift, pictures of my sister having her hair and makeup done for their wedding.

It was a very busy weekend and we have vowed to avoid leaving the house again for at least a month.

Grandpa Keegan’s Birthday!

Posted by: Maggie

On Saturday Josh and I got hair cuts and then we went to my dad’s house to celebrate his birthday:

Here is Eleanor with her Aunt Maria and her Grandpa:

Grandma Leila:

Uncles William and Elliott:

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