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Mother’s Day 2011

Posted by: Maggie

I can’t believe I’m posting about this a month after it happened, especially since there’s not much to post about! We kept Mother’s Day super simple this year. I had originally planned for Josh to take me out to brunch somewhere pretty and then go somewhere fun. But as the day got closer, I realized that I was just too exhausted to go anywhere. So Josh planned a lovely brunch at home. I drank grapefruit juice mimosas while he worked in the kitchen making me some yummy rosemary potatoes and the most amazing strawberry crepes with homemade whipped cream. They were seriously incredible. I wish he would make them every weekend.

After brunch Josh took Eleanor out for a while so I could relax with some peace and quiet watching Friday Night Lights on Hulu and getting a little work done. And then I decided to spend the rest of my day cleaning out my closet. Seriously. I really wanted to do it, and had been meaning to for a while. So, since it was my day to do what I want, I cleaned. I know, I have a problem.

Betsy’s Birthday Brunch

Posted by: Maggie

I took my best friend Betsy out for a birthday brunch a few weeks ago. We usually do a dinner, but we are busy ladies these days and we’re not so much up for late nights. And we were attempting to accommodate Andrew’s unpredictable work schedule. As usual, we moved things around for him and he still couldn’t make it.

Brunch was a pretty great idea though. I think I’d like to make it a regular event. I don’t get to see Betsy often enough.

We went to brunch at Dusty’s in Silver Lake. And we invited Betsy’s friend Elsie & her husband Sergio to join us.

Elsie and Sergio had orange and blueberry mimosas! Yum!

Pear tart for dessert! Yup, dessert at brunch. The best!

Happy Birthday Bets! Love you!