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Wordless Wednesday: Our Early Morning Visitor

Posted by: Maggie

Eleanor is 6 Months Old!

Posted by: Josh

Josh here. Eleanor turned the big six-mo on June 7! Happy half birthday bur! At her six-mo checkup, she was 28 inches tall and weighed 17 pounds, 4 ounces. She has gained 7.5 inches and about 10 pounds since birth. As her doctor says, she is a “big girl”, but not “f-a-t”. Her height is about 97th percentile and weight is around 65th percentile.

Yay! Shots!

Measuring the brains. Seem ripe.

Eleanor is a joy to be around. Seriously! She’s a very cheerful girl, something we didn’t entirely expect after the first fussy couple months. Unless she has a reason to be upset, such as hunger or sleepiness, she is generally a happy baby. She’ll even let Mommy cut her nails without squirming away (sometimes).

She’s got a great sense of humor too. She laughs all the time now, even at Mommy! Obviously Daddy is the funniest guy ever though. She finds it especially funny when you clap, growl and pretend to eat her various body parts, kiss her tummy or kiss her behind the ears. She loves to play airplane and to be swung around in a circle by the arms (yes, she might become a speed freak, but that’s okay), and if you want to see her puke, swing her directly after a meal (as her Mommy found out).

Eleanor is strong, strong like a baby bear, and is a pro at sitting up by herself now. She can even get to a sitting position from her tummy. She has learned not to rock back and forth and no longer falls over backwards. She has also learned to put her hands out to stop from falling on her sides. At six months she was getting up on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth from that position, but hadn’t quite figured out how to step forward with her hands.

Eleanor has a menagerie of toys, old and new. Some of her favorites include her differently shaped blocks, though she prefers the box and lid they came in. She still loves her weird bee/butterfly with crinkle wings, especially when you press his tummy to play “twinkle twinkle little star”. She’s less into bunny, but still enjoys him on trips out of the house. One of her new favorites is her “Matzah ball”, which is an inflatable beach ball made to look like a piece of matzah that she won after finding the afikomen at Passover. Oh, and she really likes to pull the DVDs out of the entertainment center, which is right at eye-level for her. So far she wants to watch American Graffiti, Jaws, and Reservoir Dogs.

Another new favorite is her chick ball, which is just a round yellow ball with a beak, some eyes and a bow. It was a gift from the Arellanos. She goes crazy when it flies up to her face saying “cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep” and then kisses her. And if she’s feeling bored, she’ll grab her playmat and hide under it.

Eleanor is eating solids very well now. She loves her veggies (good girl) and oatmeal, but doesn’t like fruits. I know. She’s tried bananas, applesauce, and even pears, and makes terrible faces for all of them! So I help her eat them. However, she is loving her green beans, peas, squash, corn and squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

We even started her on a sippy cup, but she’s just not into it. However, she goes nuts when she sees me or Mommy drinking from a real glass! She laughs and stares and then tries to take the glass from us. So we got her some little regular cups and she’s gotten pretty good at drinking from them. She takes it in both hands and bites the rim and has even learned that she needs to tilt it up to get the water to come out. She’s not always so accurate with the tilting though.

Being the big girl that she is now, Eleanor has graduated to the big car seat. Looks like a pretty cushy ride.

We recently took some family portraits. Here’s Eleanor looking like a cutie pie.

What Eleanor Has Been Up To

Posted by: Maggie

Eleanor is five and a half months old and getting bigger (and heavier) every day.

She’s so tall that we’ve given up on having her wear onesies which if they are long enough to button are far too wide and if they are thin enough to fit they are too short. So it’s all t-shirts and pants and the occasional dress for special occasions from now on.

She seems to have a good sense of humor. She is always laughing at something, but rarely at the same thing twice.

She can sit up by herself,

although she likes to rock back and forth so she often knocks herself over.

She likes to kick, hit, and yell at her evil twin in the mirror.

The play gym she used to love doesn’t really hold her attention anymore.

She loves to be on her stomach now. She’s not crawling yet but she moves herself around by rolling over multiple times and wiggling around on her stomach.

Teeth haven’t come in yet, but she is definitely teething. She is constantly drooling, puts everything she can get her hands on (including her feet) into her mouth and gums, rather than sucks, her thumb.

She enjoys eating rice cereal and peas,

but hates green beans.

She started to say mama the other day, but most often it is ama or abamamababa and she usually says it to Josh.

She still loves her bunny.

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