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Eleanor’s Fourth Birthday Part One – The Party

Posted by: Maggie

We kicked off Eleanor’s multiple birthday celebrations (no, we’re not spoiling her, I celebrate everything big) with a party with our families. I was lazy about theming her party this year. There is so much available holiday stuff, so I asked her if she’d like a Christmas birthday party this year, and luckily she said, “Yes!” So my party decor shopping was pretty quick and easy!

I made red velvet cupcakes, and topped them with chopped up peppermint bark. Super delicious!

It was a mid-afternoon event, so we just did appetizers: strawberries with a marscapone dip, mushroom turnovers, pita chips with hummus, bread & crackers with olive tapenade, and apples with caramel.

And a bunch of different sparkling ciders!

We all ate and talked while Eleanor played with Uncle Elliott. She is crazy for Elliott and he is so patient to play with her, way more so than anyone else. Such a good Uncle!

Then she opened her gifts!

She got all sorts of fun gifts, including this wind-up robot from us. She had been asking for one for months. I have no idea where she got the idea, but I managed to find one online for her. And then after she got it, she says to us, “Oh, but I wanted a black wind-up robot!” We’re going to have to work on gratefulness a bit!

We also got her this giant tent. I couldn’t find the measurements when I bought it online, but it didn’t look too big. But we discovered that it is huge! probably 5 foot square and almost that tall. It takes up most of the available space in the living room or her bedroom, but she loves it! Thankfully no complaints about this gift!

It was a fun simple birthday party, with more to come the next day!