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Halloween 2010

Posted by: Maggie

Halloween this year was pretty relaxed. I usually have a rule about costumes. I think they should be scary or creepy or dark. So when Eleanor wanted to be a cowgirl, I thought, “Perfect! We’ll be the dead cowboys Eleanor beat in a shoot out!” The plan was bullet wounds and white makeup. BUT then I got lazy or tired or both and we decided just to be live cowboys. Which was perfectly fine. I think we all looked pretty adorable.

Eleanor and I both wore braided pigtails. I think I looked a little more like a farmgirl than a cowgirl. I needed a hat. But Eleanor looked like the perfect little cowgirl in her hat and boots.

What a tough guy! I wouldn’t want to run into her at the saloon!

Just the three of us went trick-or-treating. Eleanor had a great time and, of course, wanted to eat the candy right as she got it. Daddy was nice enough to let her have a lollipop as we walked around.

We only walked about two blocksĀ  in all, but it took us almost two hours. Eleanor wanted to talk to every person at every door. We spent almost twenty minutes talking to the woman in the picture below on the right. She must be a teacher. She got down low and talked to Eleanor and gave her a sticker and a little plastic spider to put on her candy bucket and showed her all of her Halloween decorations. Such a nice woman!

I don’t think Eleanor understands yet that the faster you go the more candy you end up with. She still got a pretty good haul, but as of today it has all been eaten.

I can’t wait for next year when there will be so much more candy for Mommy to eat!

Wordless Wednesday: 30 Minutes After Being Put to Bed

Posted by: Maggie