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Our Big Little Girl

Posted by: Maggie

Eleanor turned 18 months old on Sunday. She’s a whole year and a half old now!

Monday afternoon Eleanor had her 18 month doctor’s visit. She is now 22 lbs 4 oz which is only the 15th percentile for her age and she is 34 inches tall which is the 97th percentile. This means that she weighs less than most kids her age, but is much taller than any kid her age.

Her height is actually the average height of a 2 year old! I think it’s becoming clear that she will either be a model or a basketball player, or maybe just a really tall and thin architect. Besides that she only got one shot. She is such a tough guy that she didn’t cry, she didn’t even flinch. She just looked at nurse like “That’s all you got?” and that was it.

At least that was it until about an hour after we got home when she started complaining about a sore arm. Soon the complaints turned to tears. I gave her some Tylenol and that seemed to help for a while, but just as I was getting dinner finished she broke down in tears again.

She wouldn’t eat or drink. She just wanted to sit in my lap and cry. It was too soon after she had the Tylenol to give her another dose, so all I could do was hold her and let her cry and try to calm her down. Josh thought to put her Curious George DVD on the tv and that worked like magic. She calmed down and had a few noodles and some juice. Meanwhile Josh had to feed me my dinner since Eleanor wouldn’t let me move to free a hand to feed myself.

After sitting like that for an hour or so it was bedtime so we got up and got her ready for bed. We gave her another dose of Tylenol and managed to get her into her pajamas with as little tears as was possible. She didn’t want to sit through any bedtime stories however. She did allow us to sing a number of songs to her over and over again. Her new favorite is Happy Birthday, she especially loves it when we sing it to Daddy. After some singing we had to leave her crying to fall asleep.

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there. She cried and cried and cried and cried. After about 45 minutes of crying, much longer than we would usually let her cry, we went and got her back up hoping that she would tire out after awhile and be ready for bed. It’s now a little after 10:30pm as I write this and we are all up watching Seinfeld reruns and although she doesn’t seem to be in pain, she also doesn’t seem to be ready to fall asleep. We’ll see. I think we’ll give her another 15 minutes and give bedtime another try. I just hope we aren’t up all night.

I am of course expecting the usual couple days of crankiness and fever that follows any vaccination.

Eleanor’s First ER Visit and
First Dentist Appointment

Posted by: Maggie

The last week of January Eleanor had her first emergency room worthy injury. I was at my Bar review class and she was at home with Josh.  I don’t know exactly how it happened because I wasn’t there, but Josh said that he was sitting on the bed and she was walking toward him when she fell face first into the wooden bed frame. I guess she went mouth first into it because two of her top front teeth were pushed up and back a little. She was crying inconsolably for several minutes. Once she calmed down a little Josh could see that her gums were bleeding all around her teeth. He called Kaiser to see if he should bring her in and they told him that he should.

I got a call from Josh while I was in class. I could tell that he was trying to sound calm, but was a little freaked out. I left class early and rushed to meet them at the emergency room. I arrived just as the doctor was leaving. Josh looked terrible. He gets queasy around blood and Eleanor’s mouth had been bleeding steadily since it happened. Eleanor looked okay aside from the blood around her mouth. I think she was pretty excited to be in the ER, but she was tired since it was about bedtime. The doctor had said that she was fine, but might bleed for awhile and not to worry about it. We were a little concerned that she would drown in her blood while she was sleeping, but he said that wouldn’t happen and just to give her some cold water before she went to sleep to help the bleeding to stop a little. He also suggested that we take her to a dentist.

She apparently kept bleeding after we put her to bed because I found this in the morning. I luckily thought to change the sheets to ones I didn’t care about before she went to bed.

Later in the week, I took her to a local children’s dentist for her first dentist appointment. The dentist was nice, but Eleanor did not want to hold still for her. She said that Eleanor was fine and that she had shifted her teeth, but not enough to do any damage and that the teeth would shift back into place in a few weeks. They have.

I liked the dentist but I don’t think we’ll go back. We had to wait 45 minutes for our appointment. The first 35 were in the children’s waiting room which was okay, but then we waited 10 minutes in the exam room which is just too long to try hold a one year old who wants to explore all of the interesting dental equipment and does not want to be held. I could understand if they had fallen behind because of late patients or an emergency or something, but no one bothered to explain or apologize for making us wait 45 minutes for our appointment. So I think we will start looking for a different dentist.

The best part of the visit was the time in the waiting room. There was a mom there with her 20 month old boy. Eleanor has not spent much time with other babies so she is always fascinated by them. She followed him around the room as he played, trying to do whatever he was doing. When he tried to open the door to the waiting room to get out she tried to do the same. The problem was that he was still holding onto the handle that she wanted to reach. To solve that problem she reached out with both hands and shoved him to the ground. He was a good deal bigger than her, but fell easily. I had to stifle a laugh and said, “Eleanor, no pushing!” for the benefit of the mom. But it was so funny because of look on the boy’s face. At first he looked a little stunned and then kinda smiled. I think he kinda liked being pushed around. He screamed when mom took him in for his appointment, and then screamed more and pointed at Eleanor when he was leaving after his appointment. His mom said that he must really like her. I can already imagine the trouble we will have when she starts dating.

Kaitlyn and Eleanor, Part Deux

Posted by: Josh

Josh again. Well it was bound to happen. The twin titans of babydom have once again met, and this time, it was on Eleanor’s turf. Kaitlyn Ramirez stopped by for a visit last Monday afternoon and baby town doubled in size! Kaitlyn, as you might recall, is two days older than Eleanor, so they are pretty much the same baby. You can tell because they have identical taste in fashion and toys. The girls got on fabulously.

E and K

E and K together

Yes, that’s right, Kaitlyn arrived in the same giraffe top that Eleanor was wearing! Spooky, especially considering that it was Eleanor’s second outfit of the day (I was also in my second outfit, not so coincidentally). Kaitlyn missed her mommy and cried a little, but a walk outside, a bottle and a nap hit the spot. She also really seemed to enjoy having her nose cleaned.

Here are the ladies admiring each other’s style in various moods.

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