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Not Feeling It!

Posted by: Maggie

Sorry guys! I guess I’m just taking this week off of posting. I’m just busy with work and life and I just can’t get in the mood to write a good blog post! I don’t even think I have any photos to use for Wordless Wednesday, so this Wednesday may be imageless as well.  What a terrible blogger I am! Maybe I’ll pull a super special Thanksgiving post out, but I’m not making any promises! So, I’ll probably just see you all next week! Have a very happy Thanksgiving!



Bar Exam Results

Posted by: Maggie

I failed and no, I don’t really want to talk about it, thanks. This means that I have another three months of studying to retake it in February and then have to wait until May for the results. Or maybe I should just listen to the fortune cookie that I opened just an hour after getting my results.

So you don’t feel too sorry for me or think I’m lazy or stupid, here is an article about famous people who failed the bar exam. And for your enjoyment here is short clip from the documentary about the California bar exam, A Lawyer Walks Into A Bar, where they talk about the pass rate and famous people who have failed the exam: