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Eleanor’s 3-Year Check-Up

Posted by: Maggie

A few days after her birthday we visited Eleanor’s pediatrician for her 3-year check-up.

It turns out she’s the same height as she was at her 2-year check-up 37.5 inches! I think they over-measured her last year. At that time they were still measuring her lying down like they do for babies, and now they measured her standing up. So, I think that she probably has grown and they just measured her wrong last year. And she is 27 pounds! That’s only 3 pounds up from last year!

This puts her in the 52nd percentile for her height (she’s finally average, rather than giantly tall, for her age) and only 13th percentile for her weight. She’s such a skinny little one! Her pediatrician says that her skinniness is nothing to be concerned about. Josh and I were both very thin as kids. And he says he sees so many overweight kids that he’d much prefer to see a thin one.

He says she is looking fantastic and her language and cognitive skills seem to be excellent for her age! And the best news of all: she didn’t need any shots! Whoo hoo! No shots for her, no cranky kid for me! Great day!

Super Big Girl Time: Eleanor’s 2 Year Doctor’s Visit and Her First Real Dentist Appointment

Posted by: Maggie

I just realized that I never posted about Eleanor’s 2 Year Check-Up! Well, our pediatrician says she seems to be doing great. He was very impressed by how much and how well she talked. He laughed and said that he didn’t need to ask the developmental questions after he heard her ask Josh, “What’s that?…Oh, that a tissue box, Daddy?”  As usual she was a real tough guy for her shot. No screaming, no tears, no nothing, not even a flinch! What a tough guy!

So, it’s official, Eleanor will be a giant. She is now 37.5 inches tall and weighs 24 lbs. This puts her in the 99th percentile for height, and only 15th percentile for weight. And you know what that means, yup, it is impossible to find pants that fit her! She is the average height of a 3 year old and the average weight of an 18 month old. She’s still tall and thin, just like her Daddy. Word on the street is that if you double a person’s 2-year-old height you can predict their full grown adult height. That would be amazing! This little one would be 6′3″! Yikes that is just too tall! We’ll see!

Last week Eleanor had her first real dentist appointment. If you remember, last January she fell and hurt her mouth so we had a quick emergency dentist visit then. But last week we had the first normal dentist appointment. Which meant that the hygienist, who was so nice and good with Eleanor, showed her all of the tools, and then the dentist came in and counted her teeth and told me to make sure to keep brushing her teeth myself until she is 6! I don’t know about that, I feel like she could learn to do a good job herself before then, but I guess we’ll see.

Sick Girl

Posted by: Maggie

We knew it would happen. Everyone talks about it. We just hoped that our little one had some sort of super-human immune system that could fight off the illnesses that no other child seems to be able to fight off. She has only been sick once before. She had only one cold right after her twelve month doctor visit and hasn’t been sick since.

Well, it happened. Eleanor started daycare and immediately got sick, no super-human immune system after all. The first weekend after her first week of daycare she had some cold symptoms and was complaining that her ear hurt and was tugging at it. We took her into urgent care and sure enough, she had an ear infection. So we started her on antibiotics and she was mostly fine for the rest of the following week, just a little more clingy and lethargic than usual.

Over the weekend, however, things were not so great. Her cold seemed to be pretty much gone and she wasn’t complaining about her ear at all, but she started to have some diarrhea. (Here is where she gets upset when reading this as a teenager, “That is sooo embarrrasssing, Mom!” Well, it’s necessary for the story, so..) With the diarrhea has come a terrible diaper rash. Every time she pees or poops she is in pain. We are trying to do what we have done in the past when she has a bad diaper rash-not use wipes, just cotton balls for clean-up, and give her bottom a little airing out time before putting a new diaper on-but the poor girl is in so much pain it’s difficult to clean her up at all, and then she immediately wants a new diaper so that her bottom is covered up and we don’t really want her going around naked bottomed with diarrhea. What I’ve been trying to do is to keep her diaperless on the changing table for as long as I can keep her entertained before putting a new diaper on so that her bottom has time to dry out.

Monday morning she woke up at about a quarter to six which is almost two hours earlier than usual. She was crying inconsolably. Her poor bottom was presumably in a wet diaper for the better part of the night. And she didn’t want a change because she knew it would hurt. I did give her a change and then she spent the morning sitting with me on the couch watching a Curious George DVD, eating cheerios, and drinking soy milk. She would cry when I got up, so I just sat with her reading a book while I had Josh make her a doctor’s appointment from work. She eventually fell asleep on me and I was able to slide out from under her and replace myself with a pillow, so that I could get dressed and ready to take her to the doctor. Meanwhile she got to sleep for about an hour before we left.

So we went to the see the doctor. He confirmed that her ear infection had cleared up so we could discontinue the use of antibiotics, which were probably the cause of the diarrhea. Although he said that she might just have a stomach bug in addition to the ear infection so that could be another cause. So I didn’t give her any antibiotics all day Monday, but the diarrhea has continued. Ugggh. I’m keeping her home from daycare today and hopefully she will get better.

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