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Fabulous Friday: Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette

Posted by: Maggie

For my birthday, my best friend Betsy got me this amazing eye shadow palette from Too Faced! I adore it! It gives me three gorgeous looks and instructions on how to achieve them. And I love the package design!

Now I want the Smoky Eye Palette!

Fabulous Friday: about.me

Posted by: Maggie

It’s like an online calling card! I love it! All of the links to your online life in one place!

And it includes a personal analytics dashboard so you can see how many people are viewing your profile, how long they are spending on it, which of your links they clicked on, your total numbers of contacts on facebook, twitter, and linkedin, who’s talking about you on twitter, who’s retweeting your tweets, etc.

Pretty cool! You can check it out and get your own profile HERE!

Fabulous Friday: A Few of My Favorite Things

Posted by: Maggie

I thought I’d kick off this Christmas Eve by celebrating a few of my favorite things of this winter season!

1. Eleanor looking adorable in her PJs and boots ready for her classroom Holiday Pajama Party!

2. My brand new super toasty, comfy, and cozy slipper boots! My feet are always freezing, so I usually wear socks around the house, but I slipped and fell in the kitchen the other day, so I decided I needed something with a little tread to prevent future slips! I got these ones at Payless. I also saw some other cute stripey ones at Old Navy the other day, but they didn’t have my size.

3. Scarves! Especially on the fellas!

4. Hats that keep me warm and make me look just a little french. Ooh la la!

5. My Flasher/Kermit the Reporter Trench!

6. Sitting in the living room with only the Christmas Tree lights on.

7. My Grandmother’s Christmas China. Apparently, when I was a kid I told her that I loved them, so when she passed away a few years ago she left them to me. My mother has been clearing out the house since my grandfather passed away earlier this year and she brought the set of dishes to me! I love them! I guess I had good taste as a kid!

8. Belgian Chocolate Mini Bars from Trader Joe’s. Delicious! Especially the dark chocolate espresso ones!

9. My new Christmas mugs! I picked them up at the Goodwill for a buck! Can’t beat that!

10. Taking two weeks off for the holidays! One of which, this past week, has been spent with just Josh and me, while Eleanor has been in school. It’s so nice to get some alone time with my handsome husband. Next week the three of us will be home together all week. I have a feeling we won’t get out of our PJs all week!

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