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Ladybug Picnic

Posted by: Maggie

We had our first picnic dinner of the year last weekend! We love to just pack up a simple dinner and go eat on the grass at a nearby park when the weather is nice. It’s a lovely way to end the weekend and a chance for Eleanor to run around and get out the last of her weekend energy so that she might actually go to sleep without a fight and get some rest for a new school week.

And it’s especially nice when the ladybugs come out to join us!

p.s. I found this cute picnic basket, complete with cups, dishes, and silverware, at Goodwill for just $5! Major score!

Take your dinner to the park this weekend! I guarantee you’ll thank me! It’s fun and free!

Observe This

Posted by: Maggie

The weekend before last, the unseasonably, unbelievably hot weekend, we visited the Griffith Observatory as yet another almost free thing to do in LA. The Observatory has free admission and free parking, but if you want to see a show in the planetarium it’s seven bucks. That works out well for us since Eleanor is much too little, and loud, and squirmy to sit through a planetarium show. So we just ran around on the front lawn (sweating profusely) and then checked out the exhibits. Eleanor was pretty excited about all of the people around and all of the lights in the exhibits.

We’ve Got Culture Out the Wazoo:
Visiting the Getty Villa

Posted by: Maggie

On another almost-free weekend outing we went to the Getty Villa in Malibu last weekend. The Villa houses the Getty’s Greek and Roman collections, but we didn’t actually see any of the exhibits. We just let Eleanor run around on the beautiful grounds. She was having so much fun that she threw a little fit when it was time to leave.

On the way out to the peristyle and gardens Eleanor stopped to point out the parts of this statue. Eleanor, can you say “Penis.”

p.s. We saw this tree on our way back to the parking garage and had no idea what it was. Anyone have any ideas?

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