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Wordless Wednesday: An Afternoon Treat

Posted by: Maggie

New Menchie’s! Holy Crap, This Better Not Make Me Fatter!

Posted by: Maggie

A new Menchie’s opened just down the street from us last weekend. You know how much we love Menchie’s, so we were pretty excited about it and decided to check it out Sunday afternoon.

The place was packed. And, by the way, I don’t really think men should be allowed to wear shorts. It just looks wrong.

The yogurt bar has this beautiful green glass circle backsplash. I would love something like that in my future kitchen.

It was very hot out. Eleanor couldn’t wait to get some sweet Mango sorbet to cool her off.

Notice the crotch that sidled into my shot below. That crotch, well the guy attached to it, handed us coupons for free yogurt on our next visit for coming in opening weekend. Super sweet!

So as not to sabotage my diet we got the fat free yogurt and walked. I figured it would about even out in the calories ingested and burnt. The walk is only about three-quarters of a mile each way, not too bad, although it was way too hot for that on Sunday afternoon. We decided that from now on we will go after dinner.

Eleanor rode in her stroller on the way there, but insisted on walking back. She made it about halfway when we decided she was slowing us down too much with her stopping to inspect every piece of trash, flower, or grassy lawn.

Frozen Yogurt and Skinned Knees
Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Toddler Run Around Pantless

Posted by: Maggie

After our trip to the Getty, Eleanor slept during the drive back to the valley. I decided that because it was such a beautiful day we shouldn’t waste it by going back home. Instead we stopped for a treat first at our favorite frozen yogurt place, Menchie’s in West Hills. Eleanor was not happy to be woken from her nap, but cheered up as soon as she had some delicious kiwi strawberry sorbet (two little samples were plenty for her). Josh went for some sweet mango sorbet with gummy bears on top and I had a tasty mix of cake batter and cappuccino with nuts.

They were giving out some sweet temporary tattoos, so we thought that Eleanor should match her Momma.

We are so tough.

After our dessert, Josh decided to let Eleanor run around in front of Menchies and the movie theatre next door. Bad idea. Eleanor is an excellent walker, but the combination of a long day, sandals, and being distracted by passersby ended with Eleanor face down on the pavement. She had scrapes on both knees, nose, and forehead. I’ve been trying unsuccesfully to get a picture of the ensuing scabs. I’ll post one when I get it. I knew I should have put her in some pants, but she just looked too cute in her sundress and sandals and it was so nice and warm out. At least she’s learning early that sometimes you have to suffer for fashion.

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