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Tiny Dancer

Posted by: Maggie

I decided to put Eleanor in dance class a few weeks ago. I had been thinking about doing it for the last year or so. She is soooo physical! She is constantly on the move, running, jumping, spinning, never sitting still. I thought that it might be good to try to channel some of that energy into something creative that she would enjoy.

It’s a combination ballet and tap class. Eleanor loves it!

She dances around the house now saying that she’s a ballerina.

And getting to watch a bunch of 2 and 3 year olds learn to dance is every bit as adorable as you would imagine.

I can’t wait for their winter recital coming up. Her class will be doing a routine to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It’s going to be the cutest thing ever! Don’t worry I’ll get it on video to share with you all.

Summer’s Last Hurrah!
Ace Hotel, Palm Springs: Part Three

Posted by: Maggie

Sunday morning of our Palm Springs weekend we got up, showered and dressed, and headed down to have breakfast with Andrew while everyone else was still sleeping. I remember the days when we slept late, but just barely. Andrew is an early riser so he was happy to get up and have breakfast with us boring parents.

We had breakfast at the hotel’s very cute diner-style restaurant, King’s Highway.

The food was super tasty. Although, they put fennel in my hash browns, and I am just not a fennel fan.

Photos of me by Josh! (p.s. He’s getting very good, and he shoots 100% in manual mode! I’m so proud!)

Here’s my drunken “let me tell you something about something” face and accompanying pointing finger:

Although I was not drunk at the time. It was like 8 in the morning.

The best part about breakfast was in the middle of breakfast, when the hostess or manager or whatever she was, said that she had an announcement to make. She said that there were some very important people at the restaurant that morning and whenever important people are there they like to do something special for them and then..she broke out in SONG! She sang “As Time Goes By” for us all while walking around the restaurant. It was amazing!

After breakfast we went to our room to pack up and got a text from Maria, asking when we would be back because Eleanor had been a monster. We had planned on staying until after lunch, but decided that we had better just head right back to relieve poor Aunt Momo! We checked out at about 11am, said our goodbyes, and headed home.

When we picked up Eleanor, we learned that she had been a little terror. She had been cranky most of the time she was there. She kept asking to go home, would not sleep through the night, woke up repeatedly and finally slept for a long stretch from 6-10am, and then would not nap in the afternoon. We apologized profusely and took the very cranky girl home where she almost immediately passed out on the couch and slept for several hours while we unpacked and got dinner ready.

We had a wonderful and much needed little vacation. We wish we could have stayed for one more day, but we still had such a nice, relaxing trip. We were so happy to be able to do it with good friends! Love you guys! Next year Mexico!

Wordless Wednesday: Uncle Emmett’s Birthday

Posted by: Maggie

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