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Eleanor v. Goose

Posted by: Maggie

I took Eleanor to sign her up for mommy-and-me swim lessons last week (she starts in three weeks). There is a park with a small lake next door so we went to run around and chase the water fowl, which there was plenty of. Eleanor was very excited when she saw the geese. There is a goose in one of her bedtime books so she recognized what they were right away and ran toward them excitedly yelling “goo, goo.” In my experience geese are not friendly or shy animals. My mom had two when we were little and I remember them chasing and snapping at me. These geese seemed to be no different. Instead of running away from a loud baby charging at them yelling “goo,” they honked and starting walking right toward her. I steered her away from the geese to go look at the ducks, only to find an equally brave duck who ran right at us.