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George’s Birthday Cupcake

Posted by: Josh

George turned one last Friday! Unbelievable. We had a bear-themed party for him. Here’s the smash cake footage. He’s supposed to be wearing an adorable bear beanie with ears on it, but I forgot to put it on him.

Spoiler: there was no smashing. Definitely a different personality than his big sister. If you’re wondering, that’s a root beer she’s drinking, or as she still says, “ro-beard”.

George’s Second Month

Posted by: Maggie

George turned two months old last week and I realize that I haven’t really posted since he turned one month old. There is so much going on right now with the little ones at home and Josh back at work, and me back from maternity leave that I haven’t had any time to spare for this blog. Sorry friends! I’m going to try to be better about blogging this summer, especially since I’ll be blogging all of our Summer Bucket List adventures. I already have a few posts ready to go and a bunch more planned.

Anyways back to George’s second month. The last month has been fairly eventful and entirely exhausting. On the day he turned one month old we took George on his first real outing (aside from GoGo’s house, or the doctor’s office). We went to get some delicious frozen yogurt as a reward for Eleanor getting enough stickers on her sticker chart (I’ll be post about that soon).

I also had my first trips out of the house without baby. I met with my intern Tessa at Starbucks a few times and FINALLY went to have my hair done to get rid of these horrible roots (thanks Stacy)!

AND I started working out again! I’ve lost 5 lbs so far and as of now I’m another five pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight (but 35 from my goal weight)! I’m working hard though. I just joined an intense cardio class that meets three times a week for the next six weeks. The plan is to lose enough to get into a bikini by the end of the summer. We’ll see…

We also had our first big family outing, a trip to the Bug Fair at the Natural History Museum. George was very cooperative, sleeping in his stroller the entire time we were there.

Meanwhile Eleanor, got to check out some bugs and get a butterfly painted on her face.

And George has even been enjoying Family Movie Night with us.

Although Eleanor has been very good with her brother, she’s been feeling a little bit neglected since Josh went back to work. She just went back to school this week, so the last four weeks she’s been home with me and George all day. Since I’ve been trying to get work done while taking care of George I just haven’t had enough time to play. So I’ve been trying to include her in taking care of George, working on craft projects together, and doing other little things around the house. In the photos below, we’re checking out the solar eclipse with a foil viewer we made, and Eleanor is helping me prepare basil for pesto.

As I mentioned, Josh went back to work after four weeks at home. The lucky bastard. I was left at home all day with the two little monsters (Josh is gone from 6am until 6 or 7pm).  The first two weeks were ROUGH! It is ridiculously hard work taking care of a newborn and a preschooler. They are both demanding in different ways. There is never a moment when I am not waking someone up, putting someone to sleep, changing a diaper, getting someone dressed, cooking a meal, nursing a baby, cleaning up a mess, doing a load of laundry, calming a crying baby or preschooler, or entertaining someone. Not a moment of quiet. Not a moment to myself. I’m lucky if I get to shower twice a week. But it is obviously worth it for all the little moments of love in my day.

The best part of the last month has been the appearance of smiles and the start of baby conversation. First he started to have longer and longer periods of wakefulness, where he would be wide-eyed, taking in the world around him. Then when he was five weeks old he smiled at me! It was amazing. Eleanor gave her first smiles and laughs to Josh, so I was sooo excited to get George’s first smile, and for a few days I was the only one getting smiles! Shortly after, he started talking…all. the. time. He’s going to be a little chatter box just like Eleanor. He is constantly “aahhh”ing, “oooh”ing, and “ehhh”ing at us, with lots of sighs, coos, and gurgles. His favorite thing to say is, “Ahgoo?” It’s always a question. And he carries on just like he’s having a conversation with you. He talks and pauses for a response, and then responds back to you. He’s always smiling as he talks and he gives these super flirty little sideways smiles with an eyebrow raised. It’s the most charming thing ever. This baby has serious charisma!

It took forever to get his smile on camera and I still haven’t caught his flirty smile yet!  First, I caught this blurry one on my cell phone.

But as soon as I put my DSLR up to my face my attempts ended up with photos like this:

And this:

Finally, with a little help from Daddy, I caught these:

See those super adorable dimples on each cheek?! I love him so freaking much!

Our New Family Portraits

Posted by: Maggie

Because I couldn’t shoot them myself when I did the rest of George’s newborn portraits, my friend Becca of Becca Rillo Photography was kind enough (and patient enough) to come over on George’s 12th day to shoot some family portraits for us. I always try to shoot newborns in their first 10 days, because I know that after that it will be difficult to get them to stay asleep and calm through a photo session. But of course, I am a terrible client, and I waited a little too late to schedule the shoot.

George did not want to cooperate for most of the shoot. He didn’t sleep and cried a lot, so we spent much of the session trying to keep him calm. Despite that Becca did an amazing job! I love the images she captured and I’m so grateful for her talent and friendship!

Here are some of my favorite images:

Thank you again Becca!

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