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Easter Fun

Posted by: Maggie

Easter morning, Eleanor’s Easter basket was waiting for her in the living room.  The Easter bunny had apparently let herself/himself in sometime Saturday night or early Sunday morning. Her basket included a Curious George notepad for Eleanor to tear up/scribble on, a polka-dot Easter egg, and a pair of polka-dotted socks.

Eleanor was so excited to find things to put in her mouth! When will she grow out of this stage?! It’s making me a little crazy.

She was most excited about her new socks. She loves socks. In the middle of the day, she will walk up to me and ask me to put socks on her, “ska, ska.” That Easter Bunny was so thoughtful!

She had the most fun with the Easter grass, of course.

After Eleanor’s nap, we headed over to Grandpa Keegan and Grandma Leila’s house for the family Easter egg hunt. Eleanor immediately ran past the grown-ups and headed straight for her second cousins.

Or maybe she was just after the croquet balls.

The hunt began.

Eleanor found her egg pretty easily, with a little help from her Daddy.

After finding it she decided that it needed to be cleaned off so she took it over to this water fountain.

After the hunt and some fun visiting with the family, we headed over to Go Go’s house for Easter dinner.

It was spring time in Go Go’s backyard. The flowers were in bloom on the pergola.

Eleanor got a great Easter gift from Go Go, a cute bee headband.

Go Go demonstrated for her. Eleanor thought it was hilarious.

After some fun we had a delicious dinner of deviled eggs, nicoise salad, and paninis.

Happy Birthday Grandpa Keegan!

Posted by: Maggie

Today is my Dad’s birthday! Happy Birthday Daddy! We celebrated last Saturday night with a bowling party. Eleanor loved seeing her Grandpa Keegan and Grandma Leila, and her Aunt and Uncles, as well as my Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Nick. Eleanor did not love being kept from running free. We spent most of the evening keeping her off of the lanes.

The Petless Petting Zoo

Posted by: Maggie

We spent Sunday afternoon with Grandpa Gross and Raisa. We had planned to go to Hart Park in Santa Clarita to see the petting zoo, but unfortunately the animal area was under construction and the animals were being kept elsewhere. So we just let Eleanor run around on the grass until she was exhausted. I don’t think she missed the animals, she is always happy just to be set free to run and eat leaves.

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