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Eleanor’s Fall Hair

Posted by: Maggie

She’s been growing her hair all summer, but finally decided she wanted a change. So we went with our favorite bob that she got last year.

Ignore that she’s wearing her pajamas.

I think she looks adorably stylish. And Josh and I are very happy with having much less hair to brush through!

Arrojo Launch Party at Rituals Salon

Posted by: Maggie

Last week I was invited to join some other fabulous bloggers, inlcuding Erin from CreativitE and my good friends Susan of susan fujiki (dot) com (formerly the Tatamimat) and Jackie of P.S. Jackie, to Rituals Salon here in Valencia. We were celebrating (with yummy cocktails and appetizers) the launch of Nick Arrojo’s (from tv’s What Not to Wear) new hair care product line. Rituals is the first salon in So Cal to carry it.

We had the opportunity to sit and talk with Nick about his life, career, and the products.  He had an inspiring story of working his way up from a poor childhood to building a successful career and business.

taken with my iphone – sorry about the poor image quality

We each got to take home a bag of sample goodies. And I have to tell you I love the shampoo and conditioner. They smell amazing, like being in a spa, and seem to do the job (I’m no hair product expert), and they have a great price point for salon products ($12-19). And isn’t the packaging pretty?!

Thanks to Rituals and Nick for the invite!

A Little Off the Top

Posted by: Maggie

We’ve learned our lesson. Eleanor should not have access to scissors unsupervised. Even the really dull ones that are only for cutting construction paper, that she couldn’t possibly hurt herself with. As it turns out, she may not be able to hurt herself, but she can do some damage.

Her adorable bob ended up with a chunk on the side of her face missing and a portion of her bangs were hacked into. There is also a piece that she cut down to the scalp that is luckily hidden under her bangs. Although it makes her bangs hang a little funny so they never look quite right.

When I caught her with scissors in hand and hair on the floor I told her to go look in the mirror to see what she did to herself! She came back with a sad expression and said, “It doesn’t look good.” Ha! She got that right! I imagine she thought she was creating a chic new look for herself. Unfortunately, she is not the great stylist she imagined.

I took her to Stacy who fixed her up as best she could, layering both sides around her face to match and evening out her bangs. Eleanor now knows the rule, “only Stacy is allowed to cut my hair!” And that goes for Mommy too who botched an early attempt to even out her bangs!

p.s. I told her I was going to take a picture of the haircut she gave herself, and she asked, “Do you want me to look sad about it?” and then made this face! She is hilarious!

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