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Halloween 2011: Part Two

Posted by: Maggie

In the month leading up to Halloween, Eleanor’s costume changed three times. First, she wanted to be the Wicked Witch. So I bought a few things for her. But then I discovered that she already had a hand-me-down Dorothy dress in her closet, so I convinced her to be Dorothy so that I could be the Wicked Witch and Josh could be the Scarecrow. I bought her some ruby slippers which she loves! And she was set. That is, up until a week before Halloween when she discovered that several other girls in her class were planning on dressing as Tinkerbell.

Thankfully, she also had a hand-me-down Tink dress (that was a couple sizes too big and needed some quick alterations) and she had received some wings for her birthday last year! So she was all set and Josh and I decided just to skip the costumes all together.

Eleanor was pretty excited about Trick-or-Treating this year, now that she had the hang of it. Although, she was a little candy-crazy this year and kept forgetting to say, “Trick-or-Treat,” and “Thank You.” She was more interested in what candy was being handed out and what was in her bucket!

We lasted about as long as it took to fill her bucket, around an hour and a half I think. She could have gone longer, but I was through walking, so we headed home to examine the goods.

And a month later we have just about run out of candy. Just a few pieces left. So sad. Can’t wait for next year!

More Pumpkin Fun – Underwood Family Farms

Posted by: Maggie

It was cooler that week, which helped as we attempted another pumpkin patch visit. It also helped that we went at sunset rather than the middle of the day.

A client had just booked a pumpkin patch shoot for the following weekend and I always try to scout a new location ahead of time at the time of day I plan to shoot. We had also heard great things about Underwood Family Farm’s Harvest Festival so we went to check it out.

Because we went on a weekday, most of the festival activities weren’t happening. But we still enjoyed wandering the corn maze, checking out the pumpkins and visiting the farm animals.

Spiders and Pumpkins

Posted by: Maggie

I love any kind of celebration, especially holidays. So I always start celebrating as early as possible. This year, we started our Autumn and Halloween celebrating on the very first day of October with a trip to the Spider Pavilion at the Natural History Museum.

I was less nervous going in than I was last year. As I mentioned in last year’s post, I have a real insect phobia, I get nervous, my heart starts to race, and my palms sweat when I look at a picture of an insect. I was okay last year, so I wasn’t worried about being able to handle being in a greenhouse with spiders loose everywhere this year. And I did just fine. I mean, I was a little nervous, but not really scared.

The next day we headed over to our local pumpkin patch, Lombardi Ranch, to pick out our pumpkins.

It was about 100 degrees out so we didn’t stay long. We just grabbed a quick pony ride, picked out our pumpkins and that was it. But don’t worry we got some more pumpkin patch fun in another time. I’ll post that trip next week!

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