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Hanukkah 2011

Posted by: Maggie

Continuing with my late recap of the Holidays…the weekend before Christmas we celebrated Hanukkah with Josh’s family. We were actually celebrating early since Hanukkah started so late this year. We hosted the usual dinner at our place. I made regular and sweet potato latkes. The sweet potato ones were super tasty.

After dinner we exchanged gifts.

Josh and I along with his sister and sister-in-law Jenny got Josh’s dad an album of photos from their childhood, from their parent’s wedding through Josh and Beth’s graduations from high school. It was a project that I had been working on for literally years. I’ll dedicate a post to the album and the enormous project that it was later.

For now, I’ll say that Josh’s dad loved it.

We also made an album for Josh’s dad and step-mom of their wedding that I shot last year. They hadn’t gotten around to ordering an album from me and the day after Christmas was their one year anniversary, so I decided that I’d just choose their images and album design for them! Luckily they were very happy with it!

Eleanor also got some gifts that she was very happy with.

Christmas Eve with my family is up next!

Eleanor’s Third Birthday: Part Four – A Hanukkah Dinner Finale

Posted by: Maggie

Eleanor’s very last birthday celebration was a combination birthday party with Josh’s family and Hanukkah dinner. We did separate parties for my family and Josh’s because they don’t get along. Just kidding! Our apartment is just too small for all of the family. Just my immediate family is twelve people! So with Josh’s extra six, it’s just too many. So we decided to do separate parties and combine it with our annual Hanukkah dinner with Josh’s family.

After reading this post, by one of my favorite photographers, I decided to make an apple pie for dessert. I have said repeatedly that I don’t really bake very well, but I like to try to get better at it. I’ve never made a pie of any kind before, but making an apple pie seemed so incredibly simple I totally thought I could do it!

I started by peeling a bunch of apples.

Then I threw on some sugar and salt as per the recipe in Jasmine’s post.

Then I ran into a little trouble. I started making the dough, but discovered that I was out of regular baking flour. All we had in the house was whole wheat flour. I thought, well, I’ll just make a healthier pie crust (I don’t know anything about baking). It started out okay, it was looking pretty good. Until I started to roll it out. Then it just crumbled into pieces. Woops!

Oh well! At least I tried. I didn’t have any time left since I had to get the latkes ready for dinner, so I sent Josh to the store to pick up some white flour (for next time) AND some frozen pie crusts.

The pie crusts worked just fine.

After I stuck the pie in to bake we prepared the rest of the dinner. I made latkes and Josh made some delicious veggie dishes (a garlic broccoli and a green bean gratin) that everyone raved about.

After dinner Eleanor opened her presents.

She got the most awesome light-up fairy wings and wand and the Tinkerbell movie from her Aunts Beth and Jenny! Such good gifts!

And from Grandpa Gross and (soon-to-be-Grandma) Raisa she got a collection of Dr. Seuss stories and a Jessie doll! (I say soon-to-be because after being together as long as Josh and I have been, they are getting married the day after Christmas! And I’m shooting the wedding! Wish me luck!)

After presents we had my very first ever apple pie!

And, you know what?! It was awesome!

I guess I can bake something! Sorta! At least I tried to make the crust! I think I’ll make another for Christmas and actually make the crust myself this time!

Fabulous Friday: The Cranky Gift Guide 2010

Posted by: Maggie

I’ve put together this handy little guide for those of you who are looking for something for the Keegan Gross family this holiday season. OR if you’re shopping for people like us, you know, photographer/lawyers who love pretty things, nerdy web designy types, and extra adorable rambunctious preschoolers.


For the wealthy benefactors in our life:

1. Canon EF 85mm f1.2L II USM Lens, $1,834.00 at Amazon.com; 2. Apple LED Cinema Display (27″ flat panel), $999 at Apple.com; 3. Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM Wide Angle Lens, $1,369.00 at Amazon.com.

For the extravagant gift givers, who we have yet to meet:

1. Exposed: Redefining Boudoir, $235 (from my favorite Boudoir photographer!! I would die for this book! I’m saving my pennies since it’s so crazy expensive!); 2. Shootsac Lens Bag, $179 (this would make my life so much easier!); 3. Gilmore Girls: The Complete Series Collection, $145.49 at Amazon.com (love this show!).

For everyone else:

1. A Subscription to Vogue, One Year for $15; 2. A Subscription to Vanity Fair, One Year for $12; 3. Lonely Acorn Necklace, $21 from Rhondas Treasures shop at Etsy.com (or really any pretty jewelry, I love accessories and have super eclectic tastes, so I’d pretty much like anything).

1. Apple iPad, $499; 2. 27″ Apple iMac, $1699; 3. 13″ Apple MacBook Air, $1299

1. Barnes & Noble Gift Card, $your choice, more is better!; 2. iTunes Gift Card, $100 or whatever, you know; 3. Klipsch Image S4i Earphones with Microphone, $99.

1. Acme Novelty Library by Chris Ware (Graphic Novel), $27.50; 2. CSS3 for Web Designers by Dan Cederholm, $18; 3. Moleskine Large Squared Notebook, $15.95

1. Portable Disney Princess DVD Player, $99.95 at Amazon.com (this is mostly a gift for us, to keep Eleanor entertained on long car rides); 2. Junior 3 Piece Drum Set, $119 at Amazon.com (in Eleanor’s favorite color!); 3. Limited Edition Letterpress Jessica Hische Alphabet print, $225 (I think this is more a present for Josh, but it would look great in Eleanor’s room).

1. Tiered Sparkle Tulle Skirt, $28.75 at Gymboree in 2T; 2. Waterfall tulle skirt in xs, $29.50 at Gap Kids;  3. Embellished tulle skirt in xs, $34.50 (Because Eleanor is all of a sudden obsessed with princess skirts. She wants to wear a skirt EVERY day!)

1. Elf on the Shelf by Carol V. Aebersold, Chanda A. Bell, $29.95; 2. The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg, $11; 3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas! by Dr. Seuss, $11.

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