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Holiday Lights

Posted by: Maggie

Okay, so it’s about time that I catch up on holiday posts! The weekend before Christmas we spent an evening looking at Christmas lights. It’s one of my very favorite holiday traditions! We get some hot drinks, gingerbread lattes for Josh and I and hot apple cider for Eleanor (the strange kid doesn’t like cocoa!), we put some Christmas music on the car stereo and we drive around town looking at the streets with the best holiday light displays! So much fun!

Here are some of my favorites lights this year:

More holiday fun coming soon!

House Tour: Holiday Decor 2011

Posted by: Maggie

I love holiday decor! It doesn’t feel like Christmas until my living room is filled with lights and Christmas tree scent! This year I went with a classic red & green theme for our holiday decor. (You can see last year’s Elegant Wooded Christmas HERE, and the previous year’s Woodsy Christmas HERE )

You see that vase of candy on my desk? It started out about 3/4 full. I was hoping that would last the month, but it doesn’t look like we’ll make it.

How lovely are your branches!

Posted by: Maggie

As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, I love celebrations of any kind for any occasion! So you know that I looooove the holidays and must start celebrating as early as I possibly can, which means as early as Josh will let me.

Over the years I’ve convinced him to get our Christmas tree earlier and earlier. Starting last year we began getting our tree on the earliest possible day, the day after Thanksgiving. Which is perfect for me because I don’t like to mix holidays anyway! And yes, I am very aware that the tree will be dry and dead by Christmas, I don’t care! I want to start Christmas as soon as possible and you really neeeeed a tree for it to feel like Christmas!

So the day after Thanksgiving we went to take Eleanor’s Four Year Portraits and then to pick out our tree!

No, we don’t cut our own tree. While I can see the appeal to choosing your tree and cutting it yourself I’m not a fan for two reasons. First, don’t like the type of pine that is grown in the cut-your-own lots. I don’t like those thin wispy needles that make a tree look so bushy. I prefer a Noble or Douglas fir, with thick needles and strong separated branches. Second, I have terrible memories of doing it as a kid. We would stand around bored while it took forever as my dad struggled to cut it down, always frustrated and always cut at an odd angle so that it was always crooked when we put it up at home. It really wasn’t fun. Picking out the tree was the fun part. So, that’s the part that I continue for our family.

We picked out a lovely 6 foot Noble Fir. I always want to go bigger, but Josh keeps me in check.  When we got home I put on the Christmas music and we got to tree trimming!

The rest of our holiday decor will be up for you tomorrow!

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