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The Mold Saga: Part Four

Posted by: Maggie

If you missed them, check out Part One here, Part Two here and Part Three here.

So what’s it been like living in a hotel for a week? Well, it’s been good and bad. At first it was frustrating, but after a day it started to feel like a mini vacation.

I don’t have to cook because there’s no stove, so we’re eating out almost every meal, and we rarely eat out, only a couple times a month probably. We get to watch real TV, we don’t have cable TV at home, just a roku box with Netflix and Hulu on it. Someone will come and make the beds and empty the trash cans and bring us clean towels if we want (we actually only use housekeeping every third day or so). The hotel has a breakfast bar with a variety of bad-for-me pastries that I never get to eat, like cinnamon buns! There are fresh baked cookies in the lobby every evening. All good and fun things!

BUT all that got old by day four. We don’t actually eat out because it’s expensive and reasonably priced restaurant food is just not that good. We’re so used to making our own food from fresh, unprocessed ingredients that everything we eat out tastes way over-seasoned, over-salted, over-buttered, over-sweetened. I mean it’s fine for one meal, but it just gets gross after a few days. And I’m talking about every place we’ve gone to. They are all like that.

TV was fun at first, but really, I don’t know how you guys do it with little kids at home. I can’t flip through the channels without covering Eleanor’s eyes and ears. I never noticed before how much scariness and violence there is on tv. Really, I was surprised. I don’t mind if she sees some nudity or hears some language (I promise to write a post about this) but we really don’t want her to see too much violence at this age, and it is on every single channel! So annoying. It makes me very happy we don’t have cable TV at home.

The trashcans are tiny, so they are always overfull. I’m sick of leaving tips for the housekeepers for doing what I should be doing myself at home. I’m sick of paying to do our laundry. I’m getting fat(ter) from breakfast pastry and evening cookies. I’m finding it hard to work from the hotel. Apparently, I’m very attached to my routine at home. And I JUST WANT TO GO HOME! Josh is about as frustrated as I am.

Eleanor, on the other hand, is having a great time. She thinks it’s a super fun adventure. Except for the fact that we have to get up extra early to take Josh to his commuter bus stop. He usually takes the local from home or rides his bike, but there’s no bus from the hotel and we don’t have his bike. She loves being at the hotel, the staff at the front desk know her by name and she stops to talk to them on her way in and out of the hotel. Although, we’re having to put her on time out more often because a hotel room is just not big enough for a rambunctious three-year old.

It’s Monday morning and we are not home yet. It’s Day 10 of the Mold Saga and I’m flipping out!

Sonora: Part One

Posted by: Maggie

I wanted to start posting about our vacation, but I realized that I have been a bad blogger lately and am very behind in my posting. So, I’m going to take the rest of this week to catch up and I’ll tell you all about our vacation starting next week.

You may remember that my Grandfather (Papa) recently passed away and mid-June I took a trip to Northern California with my family for his funeral. My Grandmother passed away a few years earlier, so we were headed to Sonora, California where she was buried to bury my Grandfather along side her.

My Grandmother’s family is an old California gold-mining family. Her family has been in California since the 1840s and my Grandfather’s family has been here even longer, but mainly in the Santa Barbara area. His family is Mexican/Spanish and I believe have been in California since it was Mexico, and before that a part of Spain. I love history and tradition, and love that my family has been in this state that I love so much for so long.

Back to my Grandmother’s family, who are the reason we were in Sonora. Once upon a time Sonora was a gold-mining town, and is still filled with historic buildings. My Grandmother’s family lived in that area, and I think she did at some point as well. But I get a little confused about everyone’s history. A lot of her family is buried there and so she was buried there as well. We headed there on a Friday for the funeral. Josh and Eleanor stayed behind. She’s not a fan of long car rides, and I didn’t really feel the need to bring a 2-year-old to a funeral.

We stayed at the Gunn House Hotel, an historic home, turned Inn.

It’s generally a nice place to stay. The rooms are a little small, the televisions are old and tiny, but the beds are comfortable and the water pressure is excellent. My favorite part is the dining room. There’s no restaurant, but they serve an included breakfast of fresh waffles, quiches, a variety of baked goods, and cereals in the dining room every morning.

The owner of the place has a thing for teddy bears though. They’re everywhere. It’s just a little odd.

I’ve decided to start taking a photo of myself in hotel bathrooms (even when I look exhausted) so that I can remember that I was on the trip that I took all the pictures of, but no pictures of me were taken.

More tomorrow…

Maggie Takes the Bar Exam, Again

Posted by: Maggie

So here is what I’ve been up to since the start of January. I have once again been studying for the Bar Exam. I took the same bar review course that I took last time. Mostly because I really felt that it would be a good review of the material getting to listen to the lectures again and because I’m generally not as disciplined as I would like to be so I found it helpful to have a study schedule that I had to keep up with. Last time I took this bar study course I think I only completed about 60-70% of the assigned work, over about 4 hours a day on top of the 4 hours of class a day. I actually don’t think that is much less than what a lot of people who passed the first time did, but I obviously needed to study more or probably mostly I needed to do more practice essays.

So this time around I decided I would do my best to complete all of the assigned work hoping that it would make the difference. I think I was able to complete about 90% of the assignments, but really struggled to keep up with the work. I was getting up in morning and doing about an hour before Eleanor woke up. Then I would start studying when she took a nap at about 12:30pm. My mom would arrive a little after that. I would study until about 5:30pm when I had to leave for class. I decided to take the night class this time around, and I think it was a really good decision. I’m not great studying at night so the evening hours are usually wasted for me, but having to go to class gave me those extra hours of studying the material. After class I would usually get home around 10pm and study until 12.

On Saturday I had class in the morning from 9am until 1pm and then I came home from class, had lunch and then started studying until about 5:30pm and studied some more after Eleanor went to bed from about 9pm until 12am. On Sunday I would try to get in at least 2 hours before lunch and 4 hours after lunch and then at least an hour after Eleanor went to bed.

Basically I was studying about 8 hours on top of the 4 hours of class a day and taking care of Eleanor in the mornings. So in total I was putting in 17 hour days with no real down time.

And, to be honest, I’m not really sure it helped that much.

The Bar Exam was February 24th, 25th, and 26th. Three days, six hours a day. Wednesday is six hours of multiple choice, three hours in the morning and three in the afternoon. Tuesday and Thursday are three hours of three essay exams in the morning and something called a Performance Test for three hours in the afternoon. The Performance Test is intended to simulate a real life legal task like writing a legal memo or an affidavit. You receive instructions, a case file, and a library of cases and have three hours to read everything, outline what you will write, and write it.

In all it is an intense three days, and I have a feeling I’ll be doing it all over again in July. I do feel like I killed the Performance Tests and I feel okay about the multiple choice, but I did not feel good at all about at least four of the six essays. So, I guess we’ll see. I get my results mid-May.

This time I went alone, so sorry no Eleanor hotel pictures. Josh and Eleanor had some fun mommy-free time filled with trips to the park and visits with friends and we skyped so Eleanor could talk to computer mommy every night.

Here are some pictures of my hotel in Ontario:

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