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House Tour: Holiday Decor 2011

Posted by: Maggie

I love holiday decor! It doesn’t feel like Christmas until my living room is filled with lights and Christmas tree scent! This year I went with a classic red & green theme for our holiday decor. (You can see last year’s Elegant Wooded Christmas HERE, and the previous year’s Woodsy Christmas HERE )

You see that vase of candy on my desk? It started out about 3/4 full. I was hoping that would last the month, but it doesn’t look like we’ll make it.

30 by 30 – No. 14 Finally Decorate My Patio

Posted by: Maggie

I’m doing 29 up big! I plan to accomplish a number of things, better define the kind of person that I am and want to be, and have a fun year doing it! Follow along as I check things off my 30 by 30 list!

I’m really excited about this one! I’ve been talking about decorating the patio of our various apartments for the last 6 years, ask Josh! Every time the weather heats up I talk about wanting to sit on the patio with my coffee or a cocktail and read a book. I just never could decided on the decor that I wanted and could afford. But I’ve finally done it, and on the cheap!

I’m super proud of my little space. Although, once I have money for it, I’d like to hang curtains and get a larger rug, but for now I think it’s just lovely!

1. Kid’s Plastic Adirondack Chair by Adams Mfg. from Lowes $7; 2. Throw Pillow from Target $5 on sale; 3. Fish patio lights, gift from my mom (I think she got them at Cost Plus); 4. Sage Plant from Trader Joe’s $2.50 in green metal pot from Target’s $1 section; 5. Basil Plants from Trader Joe’s $5.99 in metal ice bucket my mom loaned/gave me;  6. Rosemary Plant from Trader Joe’s $2.50 in yellow metal pot from Target’s $1 section; 7. Crate from Michael’s, I bought it a couple years ago I don’t remember how much it was; 8. Red Area Rug from Ikea, $5; 9. Marius Stool from Ikea, $6; 10. Throw Pillows from Target, $5 each; 11. Green Plastic Adirondack Chairs from Target, $17.

Grand Total $80! Awesome!

What do you think? Do you have an outdoor projects you’re working on this summer?

House Tour: Holiday Decor 2010

Posted by: Maggie

I think I did a pretty fabulous job decorating this year! I am so proud of myself!

This year’s theme is an Elegant Wooded Christmas. Is it weird to theme my Christmas decor? Well, how else do you decorate? I loved last year’s woodsy theme, so I wanted to use it again. But I also wanted to add a bit of sparkle and shine and use my new favorite color, royal purple, with some gold and silver. I’m so fancy!

Our trimmed tree:

I used only about a tenth of my ornaments. I have amassed quite a collection. So I pick out just the ones that work with my theme and color scheme.

This year the woodland creatures, purple, gold and silver ornaments went up.

I found this great bag of mini pinecones with a few painted gold! Perfect!

I picked up the sparkly snowflake candle holders on sale at Michaels, about a dollar a piece. I also got these poinsettias there.  Although I’m not usually a fan of artificial plants, I got these ones so I’d have them for another year. I also loved the gold sparkly stamens on the mini ones. I added the purple ribbon bands to tie them in with some of my other decor.

I had planned to make a mistletoe kissing ball. I had the instructions and a list of what I would need, but I couldn’t find the mistletoe, real or artificial. So I scrapped my plans when I found this artificial one at Michaels. All I did was replace the ribbon with my purple ribbon! That saved time!

I’m not crazy about this garland. It’s okay, but doesn’t look real enough for my tastes. It was just the best I could find for a reasonable price. The good looking stuff was about $30 a string, which is just way more than I would want to spend on one piece of decor. I made these Pinecone Rosettes with instructions from Martha. I didn’t buy quite enough pinecones so mine are a little smaller and less full than hers. But I still think they turned out pretty great.

I got the idea for this grape vine wreath chandelier from another Martha craft.  I wanted to do something similar with wreaths and ribbon, but I wanted something that would cover the length of our table and could use the lighting track to hang it easily.

I found these grape vine wreaths at Michaels, tied long lengths of ribbon to them, then tied the ribbon bows and sewed them with translucent thread to the ribbon used to hang them! I love how they turned out, and they doubled as cute decorations for Eleanor’s birthday party.

We live in an apartment with a small patio with one rail, so our outside decorations are pretty simple, just these lights strung on the rail, some lights around our small front window and the holly berry wreath on the front door.

Doesn’t it just feel like Christmas?! So cozy!

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