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Cranky Living: Tips for an Easier Morning

Posted by: Maggie

Mornings and I have a complicated relationship. I have a hard time getting up in the morning and I tend to move slowly. I’m rarely ready to leave the house on time. But I do love to be up early when everything is quiet when I’m the only person awake in the house.

Eleanor it seems has taken after me, she’s usually a bit cranky, and her dawdling skills are at their best in the morning. She eats breakfast slowly, gets dressed slowly, and is rarely cooperative when I brush her hair and teeth and put her sunblock on.

I’m doing my best to make our mornings easier. And I’ve found that if I do just a few things the night before, it makes our mornings go more smoothly and gives us a better chance of getting out of the house on time. 

1. Pack Snacks & Lunches

I try to do this while I’m making dinner or right after dinner while cleaning the kitchen for the evening. I can’t imagine doing in the morning.

2. Set anything needed for the next day by the front door

Eleanor’s blankets for nap time, Eleanor’s homework, a toy that she might want to bring for share day, any special items the school has requested for art projects, or my Camera bag on days that I’m shooting the next morning.

3. Check the calendar

I try to check what’s on the calendar for the next day to see if Eleanor needs anything special for school, or if I have any plans for the next day or evening that I need to remind Josh about.

4. Set out our clothes

I generally go to the gym after I drop Eleanor at school, so I put my workout clothes on my dresser, and I pick out Eleanor’s clothes and put them on the coffee table (she gets dressed in the living room after eating breakfast).

5. Quick tidy up

I work from home and can’t stand a messy room, so I like to just do a quick tidying up of my living room (where my office are is located). It just makes my whole day better to have a clean room. If it’s messy I waste time cleaning up before I can get to work.

Note: I don’t always do all of these, but I should! And when I do it makes the mornings so much better!

I’d love to hear your tips for an easier morning! Especially getting out of the house on time! We are regularly running 10-15 minutes late!

Fabulous Friday: The Reading Corner

Posted by: Maggie

The Spring always makes me want to redecorate and reorganize the house. I’ll post next week about the little changes I’ve been making around the house. But for now I wanted to show you my new reading corner. Not that I have time to read or anything, but if I did this is where I’d do it.

If you’ll remember, my two little armchairs used to live on either side of the couch and this corner is where Eleanor’s toy basket sat. I’ve moved her basket to one side of the couch and moved the armchairs into the corner with one of the end tables.

You may remember this pot as the one that held my Valentine’s Day Calla Lillies. Well, I killed those pretty quickly. I am just not capable of keeping plants alive.

After they died I brought my pot over to my mom’s where she helped me to replant it with cuttings of succulents from her yard. They started out fairly small in the pot and now have quickly taken root and are growing wild.

I just love succulents! They are so beautiful and easy to take care of. Although I won’t pretend I haven’t killed many a succulent, despite their drought tolerant nature.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! I’ll be second shooting a wedding with Amy of Teegan Photography on Saturday! Very exciting and also a little terrifying!  I have no idea what I’m doing! Ha! Hopefully Amy has some faith in me though. Right? Right! Wish me luck! I’ll need it!

Love It When…

Posted by: Maggie

I get home Sunday afternoon after having worked all weekend and been out at my sister’s birthday party Saturday night (more on that later), and the house is clean, the carpet has been vacuumed, the bed is made, all of the laundry is done and hung up, Eleanor is napping, and Josh has his list ready and is waiting to go grocery shopping. AND when he returns home he has all of the ingredients of the meal I’ve been asking for all week (without me having to remind him that I wanted it). And it was delicious!

Sometimes being married is just the best thing ever! Love you baby! Thank you!

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