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A Sick Kid and a Living Room Campout

Posted by: Maggie

We had plans to go out to dinner with my mom, step-dad, and siblings in Chinatown to celebrate my birthday on the Saturday following my birthday. We had gotten ready to go out, we just had to change what Eleanor was wearing.

She had just gotten up from a late nap and was lying on our bed while we got ready. Josh had said that she felt a little warm and seemed like she didn’t feel well when she woke up. But we were concerned about getting out of the house on time that we didn’t really think about it.

I laid down next to her to see how she was and ask her to get changed so we could leave. She sat up, made a sad face, and then starting vomiting! On our bed! Yikes! The poor girl! After she was done, she still wanted to go out to dinner and was pretty disappointed when we told her that we had to stay home because she was sick.

After we had changed her out of her vomit clothes and cleaned up the bed, and put the bedspread and everything into the washing machine, I finally remembered to call my mom and tell her we weren’t going to dinner. But by the time I called, everyone was on their way downtown. So, they had a delicious dinner in honor of my birthday, while Josh and I stayed home taking care of a kid who was throwing up every 45 minutes or so. Happy birthday to me!

We did have a fun evening though, camping in the living room. I didn’t want to leave my poor sick girl all alone in her room and I really didn’t want anymore vomit in our bed, so I decided that we would all sleep together in the living room. I put down a bunch of blankets for us and brought our pillows out and let Eleanor stay up late watching Princess and the Frog.

photo taken with my iphone, processed with the Hipstamatic App

photo taken with my iphone, processed with the Hipstamatic App

She pretty much thought it was the most fun thing we ever did and now asks if we can campout in the living room every night!

p.s. She stopped throwing up by bedtime was pretty much fine by the middle of the next day. Weird 24 hour flu or maybe food poisoning.

Hey Kids at Preschool! Stop Getting Eleanor Sick!

Posted by: Maggie

I told you all about Eleanor’s vomiting at her cousin’s birthday party.  But I realize that I never told you about Eleanor’s previous illness about a month ago. It was really a great moment in parenting for me.  She woke up cranky on a Monday morning. This is not unusual. She’s not a morning person. I thought this was just the normal not wanting to get up or get ready for school kinda thing. But she was a little crankier than usual.

She kept saying she didn’t want to go to school and that she was sick. Well, “I’m sick” is one of her favorite ploys to avoid doing anything she doesn’t want to do these days, so I ignored it and took her to school anyway. But that day she really didn’t want to be dropped off and her teacher had to practically pry her off of me so I could leave. Again, this isn’t unheard of, it just doesn’t happen very often and I really did think that it was just a Monday morning thing. Because, really, who doesn’t feel like that on Monday morning. But I still did feel terrible about leaving her.

Well, I was going to feel a whole lot worse about it when I picked her up. Josh and I arrived at school to get her (we pick her up together most days), and were told that she had just been taken out of class to have her temperature taken. Her teacher noticed she was warm late in the day and her eyes were filled with goop! So we took her home for a quick dinner and then over to Urgent Care to have her checked out.

And didn’t I just feel like the best mom ever when they told me that yes she was sick. With Pinkeye! AND she was running a fever! AND she had an ear infection! Well,  I just demanded the Mother-of-the-Year award right then and there! Sending a kid that sick to school, that is some fine parenting! Be sure to congratulate me on that one.

So, she had to stay home for a few days, and the best part (by best I mean worst) was that for the next 7 days we got to hold her down and put stinging eye drops in her eyes while she screamed and clawed at us to escape (she’s a fighter). What’s funny is that she doesn’t even flinch when she gets a shot, but about to let us put eye drops in her eyes.

The point of all this is that I want to send Eleanor to school with a surgical mask on or inside of one of those giant plastic bubbles. She is constantly sick. She almost always has at least a cold lately. What is the deal with kids getting each other sick all the time?! I’m so over it! Who’s with me?!

So, let me tell you about this week.

Posted by: Maggie

Sunday evening we attended the 5th birthday party of Eleanor’s second cousin at a certain local indoor bouncy house party place. Eleanor loved it. She couldn’t get enough of the giant inflatable slide that I find too scary. But then she threw up everywhere while cake was being consumed by the rest of the partygoers. I sincerely apologize to everyone present. She seemed a little off earlier in the day, but we thought she was just tired. Nope! Sick. She ran a fever of 102 for the next day or so.

Josh stayed home with her on Monday, while I commuted to my firm’s Santa Ana office, to be trained on our new document management software and to train our other attorneys on Estate Planning client consultation. Also congrats to the firm on their two year anniversary this week!

Tuesday Josh had to go back to work, so I had to cancel a client meeting and stay home with the sick girl. Luckily, she was feeling better by the afternoon and went back to school on Wednesday. Which worked out because I had to go dowtown for some training for some new work I’m going to be doing part-time starting in July. More on that soon!

Thursday Eleanor has a half day at school, so I made a playdate with some of my mommy friends who probably think that I made Eleanor up since I always leave her with Josh or at school when I hang out with them. Well I intend to prove that she’s real!

Friday I head out of town early in the morning for my grandfather’s funeral in Sonora. He passed away a couple months ago. I promise to post about him later. Josh and Eleanor will stay home since it’s too long a drive and I don’t think Eleanor is funeral ready yet. I’ll be going with my mom, step-dad, sister, brother-in-law, and two of my three brothers and we’ll be there the whole weekend. Despite the sadness of the occasion, I think it should be a fun trip. I’m excited to have my own hotel room and get to hang out with my siblings!

So basically a crazy busy week and I will only be able to fit about a half-day’s work into it, which means that next week is going to be nuts!

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