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Happy Birthday Jack!

Posted by: Maggie

Happy Birthday to my adorable nephew Jack! He is one year old today! It’s been an incredible year watching him grow and watching my sister and brother-in-law grow as parents. Congratulations Mommy and Daddy! You survived the first year, and are doing a fantastic job with your sweet little boy! It only gets better after this (not easier though)!

Here are some of my favorites from Jack’s first year of portraits:


(see more HERE and HERE)

Three Months Old:

(see more HERE)

Six Months Old:

(see more HERE)

Nine Months Old:

(see more HERE)

I love you Jack! I can’t wait to shoot your birthday portraits!

Jack’s Three-Month Portraits

Posted by: Maggie

I shot my nephew’s three-month portraits last month, and they’re now up over at Maggie Keegan Gross Photography. Head over and check them out!

Featured on On to Baby

Posted by: Maggie

If you follow my photography business blog you may have seen the the twins’ birthday party I shot a few months ago, well I’m very excited to say that it is featured today on On to Baby! On to Baby is one of my favorite baby and mama style blogs that showcases some amazing photography and event design. It’s a huge honor to be featured! Big thanks to Stacey of Stacey Lynn Design, whose fabulous event design landed us the feature!

Click the image below to check it out!