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Wordless Wednesday: An Afternoon Treat

Posted by: Maggie

Valentine’s Day Fun!

Posted by: Maggie

As we usually do, we kept Valentine’s Day pretty simple this year. We spent the morning redecorating Eleanor’s room. Then we went to get some lunch and some Menchie’s for dessert.

Then home for a nap for Eleanor.

And afterward we exchanged our gifts and cards.

Josh got me my favorite Calla Lillies.

We got Eleanor some fun Valentine’s socks. But, as it turns out they were adult size socks. So they were just a little big for Eleanor.

But they fit me perfectly. (That’s me in the stripes and Eleanor in the frogs). In my defense, don’t they look like kids socks? And Eleanor’s feet are almost the same size as mine. Anybody could have made the same mistake.

Eleanor wore the Valentine’s Day crown she made in school. This was just before she ripped it to pieces.

Josh found the perfect card for Eleanor! She loved it! That’s her hooting below!

For dinner we just had some leftover Chinese food. And after Eleanor went to bed Josh and I watched Away We Go. And that was it. A lovely Valentine’s Day!

A Visit From Brian

Posted by: Maggie

Brian came out from Philadelphia to visit us last weekend. As I mentioned on Friday, Brian is Josh’s best friend and was his best man at our wedding. Brian is our funniest, smartest, most interesting, and tallest friend. He’s like 6′3″ I think. Super, super tall. It’s impossible for me to give him a proper hug. I even once had a dream where I stood up on a chair to give him a hug. True story.

He currently lives in Philadelphia where he’s finishing up his PhD in history at Penn. He’s super smart.

Brian is probably in our top five favorite people in the world. He might be number one for Josh. On my list he probably ties for second place. Okay he might win second place.

In fact he’s my back-up in case Josh dies unexpectedly. I mean, if I were looking for anyone to replace Josh, I couldn’t find anyone more similar. Yet there are some key and rather attractive differences. Get this: Brian told me that it makes him anxious to leave dirty dishes in the sink! I can’t even imagine how wonderful it would be if Josh needed to do the dishes rather than begrudgingly do them because I insist that he does. Also I hear he talked a female police officer out of giving him a ticket for running multiple red lights. I couldn’t even imagine Josh being that charming. Impressive!

Okay, all the single ladies, put your hands up! Because here is the best part: He’s single! Did I mention how tall he is? Send me an email if you’re interested and I’ll hook it up!

Anyway, so he stayed with his parents for the weekend. He was here for a wedding on Saturday. So he spent Friday night and Sunday afternoon with us. On Friday night (Taco Night in our house) he bonded with Eleanor (I think they were watching Blue’s Clues) while I made dinner and Margaritas. He hadn’t seen her since his last visit at Christmas.

They also had to compare their impossibly long legs. I wonder if she’ll be as tall as Brian.

Brian was pretty immediately charmed by Eleanor. She kept say “ooops” and “whoops” all weekend because it made him laugh. I think he also liked how she used his name over and over again. She does that. She really likes learning people’s names and using them repeatedly. She is going to be a great salesperson. He also appreciated her creativity like when she called her cup of milk her “milk baby” and used a tortilla as a blanket to put it to sleep at the table.

Sunday afternoon we took Brian to Menchie’s since he’s seen it so many times on the blog.

After Menchie’s we grabbed a Vincenzo’s pizza, one of our local favorites. And that was it, Brian was gone! Always far too quickly. Luckily he’ll be back for Christmas! And claims to be staying for several weeks! We can’t wait! We love you Brian! See you soon!

p.s. Did you notice Josh’s new haircut? Nice huh? Much more clean and respectable like! What a handsome husband I have!

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