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Moving: Part Six
We Have Such Great Luck With Apartments

Posted by: Maggie

The new apartment is generally nice. I really like the floor plan, the kitchen is much bigger than we’ve had before, the patio is a little bigger than our previous patios, the master bedroom closet is a walk-in, there is a large built-in desk in the hallway, and although there is only one bathroom it is a large bathroom. There are some drawbacks though. Because of the desk there is very little linen closet space, which has created a huge pile of towels taking up the bathroom counter space. The kitchen cabinets don’t reach the ceiling so we have a little less cabinet space than we did, which causes a problem with my huge collection of stemware. And the bedrooms and living room are a little small for our furniture.

I’ll try to get a full set of pictures and post them next week.  Here is a little sneak preview:

Although we like the place there are of course some serious issues, because if there weren’t, it just wouldn’t be our apartment, right?

It seems that every single appliance in the place is on its death bed. The fridge is leaking water on the floor and inside, it pools on all the shelves. The dishwasher trays are disintegrating so each load is covered in pieces of white plastic and I think it may be a hard water issue but there is always white film on half of the dishes. The stove is fine, but the air conditioner vent is positioned in such a way that no matter how it is adjusted it blows on the range so I have to turn the air off to cook, which is wonderful in the 100 degree weather we are having. Best of all the dryer gets stuck in the on position so items dry endlessly until I remember to stop them. And even when it doesn’t stick and the cycle is normal it burns our clothes. There are singe marks on a quarter of the clothes I washed over the weekend.

We’ve reported all of the above and so much more to management and have had only two small issues taken care of so far. They are apparently flooded with work right now because the management tells me they had 20 new tenants move in this month and I guess they don’t fix things before new tenants move in! Really great luck for us!

Moving: Part Five or
So Glad We Got the Hell Out Of There!

Posted by: Maggie

To start this story I should explain how much we hated the apartment we were moving out of.

There were constant maintenance problems starting when we moved in until the day we moved out. There was the never ending state of construction that the complex was in, which included noise all day long because their construction equipment and parking area was right outside our windows. When we moved in they told us it would be done in a few months (they said the same thing when they asked us to renew our lease a year later). Then there was the various loud and obnoxious neighbors who stank up the hallway outside our front door with cigar smoke, kept their front doors open when they had guests over so that we could hear their conversations, and played music so loudly that it reverberated throughout the hallway so that with our front door closed we couldn’t hear our tv over it.

Despite all of these issues, the management was usually very kind and helpful, which was the only reason I didn’t lose it and attack someone when the following occurred.

When we moved out on Saturday, we left a few things in the apartment. Eleanor’s very expensive Bugaboo Stroller, which we had received as a baby shower gift, our vacuum that was a little less than a year old, and our kitchen trashcan. Our lease at the new apartment began on Saturday, but our old lease didn’t end until the following Friday. I had planned to come back during the week to do some cleaning and vacuuming to avoid some charges against our security deposit, to pick up the remaining items, and return the keys to the management.

I headed over on Wednesday morning after dropping Eleanor off at GoGo’s. When I reached the apartment I first noticed that the front door was unlocked and thought Josh must have forgotten to lock it after the movers left. Then I walked into the kitchen and saw that the trash can was missing. And that’s when I smelled it. PAINT! I looked around me and saw that the walls had been painted. I rushed into Eleanor’s room where the stroller and vacuum had been left and THEY WERE GONE! I immediately called Josh to see if he had left the door unlocked to see if someone had come in and taken our things, although that seemed unlikely, because who the hell would take a trashcan. He told me he was sure he had locked up so I headed over the leasing office to find out what had happened!

I walked in and told the service manager that although my lease wasn’t up until Friday, the painters had come in and painted and now $1,300 worth of my stuff was missing. She couldn’t believe what I was telling her. She said, “but you haven’t turned your keys in yet.” Yeah. She checked her computer system which told her that our apartment wasn’t scheduled to be painted until next week. She then called the maintenance manager who checked his list, which of course said that, yes, it had been painted. He offered no explanation, and refused to come into the office to speak with me because he was “in a meeting” and said would come into the office in a hour or two. I’m pretty sure he just didn’t want to face me. I was fuming, but managed to stay calm and not scream at the service manager because I could tell she genuinely felt bad and embarrassed about it, and after all, it wasn’t her fault.

A few hours later she called me and said that the painters said that they had put my things by the dumpster when they painted the previous day and having checked, they were now gone. My guess is that the painters brought home some very nice gifts to their families because you have to be an idiot to throw out a $1000 stroller and a $300 vacuum.

She told me that I would be reimbursed for the cost of my things and that she would refund for me the rent I had paid from the day they painted until the last day of the lease, which was four days and a little more that $200.  Unfortunately, they are going to send it with the remaining security deposit which by law they have 21 days to return to me. So, I will likely be out of a stroller and a vacuum cleaner for about a month and maybe more for the stroller, because I think it takes a couple weeks to order one.

So, you know, it was just a fantastic experience and I will just lose my mind if anything else goes wrong in the next month. Oh, by the way, the new apartment, all sorts of issues. More on that tomorrow.

Moving: Part Four

Posted by: Maggie

Sorry for the delay in posting, we moved into the new apartment last weekend and had trouble with the internet all week. The cable guy came on the day we moved in to hook it up and it worked for about two hours. Then it suddenly went out and they didn’t come back to fix it until Tuesday. And then of course after a few hours it wasn’t working again. We eventually (several days later) discovered that the problem was with the wireless router, so we’re back in business, but unfortunately wired until we buy a new router.

So, back to our moving story. I spent the week before last getting us all packed up and ready to move.

Eleanor handled things better than expected. I think she was pretty excited to get to watch so much television while I packed. Ordinarily, we limit her tv watching time to an episode of Curious George or Sesame Street at breakfast, another at lunchtime and then maybe George again if I need her distracted while I cook dinner. But while I packed, it was pretty much tv on demand for a week, and now I’m paying for it. We’re having a bit of a struggle over limiting her tv time again.

Last time we moved, Eleanor did not handle things well. It was very confusing for her and she was extremely cranky for weeks. She didn’t seem to mind things much this time. I repeatedly explained to her what was happening, that we were packing up all of our things and bringing them with us when we moved to a new place. She seemed to understand and would walk around the house saying “packing, packing” and then throw her toys into the boxes I was packing.

The actual move went very quickly and smoothly. We hired movers for the fist time ever. They were fantastic. Very fast and careful with our things. Nothing was damaged and they were completely done in about four and a half hours. And we had a lot of stuff. It didn’t seem like we had that much, because all of our furniture is smallish, light Ikea stuff, but we do have four bookcases of books which took up about 30 boxes, in addition to all of our other boxes.

We unpacked completely over the next two days. I don’t know how people can stand to take any longer than that to unpack. I have visited people who moved weeks prior and still have boxes of things packed. I don’t know how people can live that way. I can’t stand to have things in boxes, taking up space. So we had everything done by the end of the day on Monday. Everything except for picture hanging which we just didn’t get around to this weekend like we had planned (this weekend was rough, I’ll post about it later).

Here is the aftermath:

The most exciting part of our move happened when I went back to return our keys. But I’ll have to get to that story tomorrow.

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