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Cranky’s Top Ten of 2011

Posted by: Maggie

In celebration of the end of the year I’m bringing to you the best of Cranky for 2011!

Some Stats – We’re not the most popular site, but we’re not too shabby either!

Best Search Phrases (how some people found the site this year):

  1. sexy kisses
  2. weaknesses of a cheerleader
  3. famous people who failed the bar exam
  4. irish people
  5. cow hug
  6. where tattoos hurt the most
  7. are vegetarians cranky
  8. boys with balloons
  9. stupid baby
  10. beautiful baby crying

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  2. Pinterest LA Meetup
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  4. Fabulous Friday: How to Shoot Your Kids! An ebook
  5. Fabulous Friday: The Summer to Fall Dress
  6. Scenes from a July Header Photo Shoot
  7. Weekly Pregnancy Update: Week 12 Big News!
  8. Cranky Photography: Using Window Lighting for Great Portraits
  9. On Being 29 & My 30 by 30 List
  10. Sharing My Crazy

My 10 Favorite Photos of Eleanor this Year

Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you all an incredible 2012!

2010 Resolutions in Review

Posted by: Maggie

Ok, so I meant to write this post about three weeks ago, but January has just blown by before I knew it. I apologize for being so behind on posting. I’ve been terribly busy ramping up both of my business ventures for the New Year. But I’ll try to get back to regular posting starting this week.

I want to start out 2011 by reviewing my resolutions from 2010. You may remember that last January I decided to get serious about my resolutions and dedicated a post to each. I’ll link to those below in case you want to go back and read them.

1. Lose 10 pounds

Success! I actually lost about 15 pounds and gained a lot of muscle! But ummmmm I have a terrible confession to make. I gained it back since November. Yep, I gain weight so easily that when I decided to not be so strict about what I ate and neglected the gym the weight went right back on! Oooops! Oh, well, I don’t feel too bad about it. Just annoyed to have to do the work all over again. I bet you can guess what will be on my list of resolutions for 2011!

2. Get Serious About Photography

Hell yes! I may have quit my daily photo projects sometime in February, but I sure did master my skills, rediscovered my style (I may write a post on this some day, I have so much to say about it), and got my business up and running. And I definitely surpassed my goal of one session a month!

3. Spend More Alone Time with My Husband

I’m pretty sure I succeeded with this one. If I remember correctly we did have at least one date night a month throughout the year. I think we need to work a little more on this though. You may see yet another repeat for 2011’s list.

4. See Friends Twice a Month

I did pretty okay on this one. The year started strong. I saw friends a lot over the first half of the year, but when my work situation changed in July I just got busy and tired and and visits with friends got fewer and farther between. This definitely had a detrimental effect on me. I need my friends. I just need that outlet to relax and laugh and not be taking care of a kid or a husband for an evening. Can you see 2011’s list forming?

5. Be A Better Friend

Wow, I really, truly failed at this one. This was the busiest year of my life. Even worse than my first year of law school. And I let that get in the way of keeping this resolution. I didn’t return phone calls or emails, I didn’t send the weekly email that I intended. I didn’t see those friends that I haven’t seen in forever. And I feel horribly about it. So, all I can think to do is quote myself from last year and try harder this year:

“I want to apologize to my friends for not being a better friend to each of you. I love you all so much, you don’t even know, you can’t even imagine how often I really do think about you and miss you and want to see you and laugh with you. You each bring something special and important to my life and my life wouldn’t be the same without you! I love you! Sorry I don’t always show it!”

6. Get Happier

This one is a really tough one. And it needs it’s own post. For now I’ll say that I succeeded, after a very difficult year, and not in the way I thought I would. Maybe we’ll talk about it tomorrow. We’ll see.

Overall, I think I was pretty successful. It was a very busy, very tiring year and I think that I made a very good effort. Although, I know I can do better. After all, that’s what new years are for, right?

Fabulous Friday: Cranky’s Top 10 of 2010

Posted by: Maggie

In celebration of the end of the year I’m bringing to you the best of Cranky for 2010!

Best Search Phrases (how some people found the site this year):

  1. sweaty eyelids
  2. eleanor loves it she does a great rumpus dance
  3. funphoto boy
  4. full bangs
  5. torn shirt
  6. broken cheekbone
  7. sexy winter
  8. breast care exam
  9. swimsuits for fat thighs
  10. parents living vicariously through their children

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My 10 Favorite Photos of Eleanor this Year

Happy New Year everyone! See you in 2011!

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