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Cloudy with a Chance of Crazy

Posted by: Josh

Cheap thrills last Saturday when we saw a movie in the park. The cost? Zipple. Unless you also bought a house while you were there, which is what they were selling, and which we did not (unless Maggie snuck off while I was chasing Eleanor around, but she looked pretty comfortable on the picnic blanket so I’m going to doubt that there are any mortgages I’m unaware of). The movie, which is one of Eleanor’s favorites (also mine!), was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. If you haven’t seen it, see it. If you have seen it, unsee it. Just kidding. That’s physically impossible, and also very not advisable, because this movie is hilarious, and has a LOT of sardine references.

Bonus: Valencia shelled out for free kettle corn AND drinks. Sugary drinks, not drinky drinks, but still pretty good. Thanks Awesometown! That was awfully awesome of you, he said with a straight face. We brought a picnic dinner and enjoyed the popcorn, and I took a lot of pictures with Maggie’s “old” camera. If you’re a regular reader, you can guess that I also spent a good amount of time chasing Eleanor around the park, at least until the movie started. Then, believe it or not, she sat down and watched about two-thirds of it before losing her mind and running around in the dark babbling hysterically (as she is wont to do). All in all, a lovely evening!

Here’s Eleanor, really considering a Lennar box. In the end, she decided on racing around the grass trailing a big bag of popcorn behind her instead.

Movie in the Park 1

As part of the good times, Awesometown handed out bubbles to all the kids! Naturally, Maggie snatched them all up and proceeded to blow 24 bottles of bubbles into the air.

Movie in the Park 2

Movie in the Park 3

Movie in the Park 4

Sometimes, just for kicks, Eleanor runs at top speed with her eyes closed. Not her problem, right?

Movie in the Park 5

The movie didn’t start until it got dark, so we were out past bedtime! Living it up in Awesometown!

Movie in the Park 6

Movie in the Park 7

Eleanor tried to fit two handfuls of popcorn into her mouth at the same time. Success!

Movie in the Park 8

Then Maggie ate her face. Success!

Movie in the Park 9

Since Maggie claims to have seen the movie like a bah-jillion times already, she brought her own entertainment. Yup, nothing like reading about post-apocalyptic death marches to brighten up the evening.

Movie in the Park 10

Movie in the Park 11

Movie in the Park 12

Movie in the Park 13


Posted by: Maggie

Two Fridays ago Eleanor had a playdate with this cutie:

I met her mom at the SCV Consignment sale, she runs her own business selling adorable children’s clothing with art that she designs, and we’ve had a couple playdates since then. Shyler is a little more than a month older than Eleanor and is just too cute. She has the sweetest little voice you have ever heard.

The girls seem to be getting along and learning some things about friendship. Like, how to share with your friends:

And how to just enjoy each other’s company:

And when sometimes, close is just too close:

And when you just need to take off and have some alone time:

p.s. Doesn’t Eleanor look like a horror movie actress? She has the perfect, I just got murdered face!

And that was their playdate. Later that night I had a playdate of my own with my BFF Betsy and a few margaritas! But some things are better left not blogged about.

I Love to Swing

Posted by: Maggie

There isn’t much that makes me feel happier in the world than swinging. It feels like joy and freedom and magic.

One of the things that I remember very clearly from when I was in elementary school is the times when my mom would drop us off at school early. I used to go to the playground and just swing. I think I’ve always been a little bit of a loner. I really like being alone. I always have. So maybe I liked it so much because it was a solitary activity. And maybe it’s because of my disability that there wasn’t a lot I could do on a playground, but I could swing.

There was this extremely tall swingset or maybe it just seemed so tall because I was so small, but I felt like I could swing so high. It was great. I would swing and swing and close my eyes and imagine myself as my favorite characters from the books I read. I’ve always been a reader. I would imagine I was Matilda Wormwood, or Ramona Quimby, or Anne Shirley. I wanted to be brilliant, and strong, and sassy, and brave, and witty like those characters. And when I was swinging I could imagine myself that way. And I felt free and happy.

Swinging always reminds me of being that little girl obsessed with the characters in those books. But swinging also reminds me of being a teenager.

It reminds me of being in love for the first time. I was sixteen. I think it was always a Friday or Saturday night and we would to go to the grocery store and buy a quart of Ben & Jerry’s and some plastic spoons and then go to a park, sit on the swings, and eat ice cream and talk and talk and laugh like crazy and just swing. And I was in love and it felt like magic.

And now I love to see Eleanor swinging. The wind in her wild hair. The silly smile on her face. I wish she liked swinging more than she does. She’s too active to sit in one place for very long. I think she’ll appreciate it more when she can do it all by herself. But watching her swing makes me so happy. I think that one of the best things about being a parent is that you get to be a kid again too. At least a little bit. You get to experience all of those wonderful little things about childhood all over again. You only get to watch this time, but it is still pretty amazing.

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