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Passover 2011

Posted by: Maggie

Passover is probably my second favorite holiday of the year (Thanksgiving is first). I am a big fan of tradition and ceremony. I was raised Catholic after all. There aren’t many holidays that are as traditional and ceremonious as Passover. And I love a good story. You can hardly find a better story than the Passover story: Moses, The Plagues, Exodus from Egypt into freedom, the parting of the Red Sea. It’s pretty amazing!

Last Monday we went to Josh’s Aunt’s house for the annual family Seder.

I know that many people aren’t very familiar with Jewish holidays. When we went to Disneyland for Eleanor’s birthday in December we overheard a tour guide explaining Hanukkah to the crowd as if it was some exotic foreign holiday. It was pretty funny. We assumed the tour was full of Midwesterners who had only seen Jews on tv.

If you don’t know what a Seder is, please read about it, this Wikipedia Article on Passover Seders gives a really good explanation.

Don’t worry! We didn’t give her any wine! That’s white grape juice she’s drinking.

Eleanor is excited to be the only small kid in the family. She get’s the find the Afikomen the every year. The Afikomen is the half-piece of matzo which is broken at the start of the Seder and then hid for the children to find. The meal doesn’t end until it is found and traded back to the adults. It’s usually traded for money or a small gift. This year Eleanor got Seder plate fridge magnets.

I’ve decided that we’ll do our own, more casual, Seder next year! I just love Passover, one Seder a year is not enough!

Wordless Wednesday: Passover 2010

Posted by: Maggie

P is for Passover

Posted by: Maggie

Last Wednesday night was the first night of Passover. As usual, we attended Josh’s second cousin Diana’s seder. I had been looking forward to this all year. Passover is my second favorite holiday. I love the traditions, stories, and ceremony of it. And the fact that drinking four glasses of wine is a requisite part of the seder doesn’t hurt.

The exodus story was always my favorite bible story when I was little. You have to admit that the ten plagues are super cool. I think that must be where my love of Jews came from. I always thought that I should be Jewish and belonged in a Jewish family. Unfortunately for me, my parents are Irish and Mexican: totally Catholic. But, by marrying a Jew, things worked out for me in the end.

This was Eleanor’s second Passover and she did a much better job of sitting through the seder, no fussing and no falling asleep like last year. And after dinner, although she is no longer the youngest in the family, she got to find the afikomen again this year.

She traded it to Diana for an even better prize than the inflatable matzo ball she got last year, a set of Ma Nishtana finger puppets.

Each puppet symbolizes one the four questions, with one side of the puppet representing “this night” and the other side showing “all other nights.”

My favorite is the comfy armchair with pillow/regular chair. Grandpa Gross demonstrated the Karpas for Eleanor. I think she was a little confused.

I apologize for the miserable photo quality in this post.  My poor camera is not powerful enough to get a decent photo in low light without a flash.  Here is a super flashy family photo. I only included it because I love Eleanor’s expression. What is she looking at that is so shocking? Maybe she saw Elijah.

p.s. Did you hear that President Obama was the first President to host or even attend a seder while in office? Awesome!

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