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New Photo Workshop – Get Cozy with Your Camera

Posted by: Maggie

If you got a brand new DSLR for Christmas or made a resolution to finally learn to use the one you have instead of just using it as a very expensive Point-and-Shoot, I’ve got the class for you!

Head over to MKGP to get all the details on my brand new photography workshop being held in L.A. on January 28th! I hope to see some Cranky fans there!

Playing Catch-up

Posted by: Maggie

I want to start posting about Eleanor’s birthday extravaganza, but I realize that I’m a bit behind in posting about what we’ve been up to lately. So I’m going to do a relatively quick run-down of what’s been going on over the last month followed by a couple in-depth posts (including a long-overdue pregnancy update) before I get to the birthday fun!

I actually have to look at me calendar to see what we’ve been doing. I usually go through my Lightroom Catalog at my dated photo folders, but I was so busy that there are zero personal photos from Halloween through Thanksgiving. All I have is client work for the month!

Elora Star is born!

The month started with my best friend since high school, Betsy, having her baby girl, Elora! Well, technically she had her October 27th, but I got to meet her and shoot her newborn portraits a week later.

(You can see more at Maggie Keegan Gross Photography.)

PartnerCon and Meeting Meola!

A few days later I headed to San Diego with my friend and fellow photographer, Renee, to attend PartnerCon, a photography conference. I had won my admission when I took Christa Meola’s Online Boudoir Photography Workshop over the summer. I had a great time with Renee and I learned sooooo much! I came away feeling inspired to keep shooting what I love, and fantastic ideas about how to run my business better, from workflow suggestions to studio management tools to ways to take better care of my clients.  It was exactly what I needed right now, and the reason that I decided not to shoot sessions in December, just to keep the month for business planning and organization.

The best part of the conference by far was finally getting to meet my photography idol and unofficial mentor, Christa Meola! By chance, the very first morning, she sat down right next to Renee and asked to see my schedule. I introduced myself and she immediately jumped up to give me a hug! We had been emailing since I got her book last Christmas, and taking her workshop over the summer. It was so wonderful to get to meet her and spend a little time talking with her a few times during the conference. She is truly what has inspired me most in my photography business over the last year. I feel so lucky to have her in my corner, offering me guidance and inspiration!

Work, Work, Work

The rest of the month flew by, I shot a baby shower and a whole bunch of Holiday Mini Sessions (you can check out all the posts over at Maggie Keegan Gross Photography, some are up and more are to come)!

AND that brings us up to Thanksgiving! That post to come!

Cranky Photography: Get Great Halloween Photos

Posted by: Maggie

I love Halloween, but it can be challenging to shoot, right? First, your kids are so excited (or sugar-filled) that they won’t hold still for a photo. Second, most of the holiday takes place in the dark!

Well, I have a few tips for you that will help you to get a few great photos to commemorate the holiday.

Dealing with the Kids:

1. Start out early and get them at their first door. It’s easier to shoot candid photos of your kid, than it is to get them to pose for you.  Get them both knocking at the door and then their happy face as they walk away with their first goodies of the night.

2. Get a few semi-posed images. To get some good posed photos have them sit on your front porch steps or curb and show you their goodie bags! Don’t ask them to smile! You know you’ll just get that fake grin, so instead ask them questions to draw out that real smile, “How much candy are you going to get tonight? Do you think we’ll see any really spooky houses?”

Dealing with the Dark:

1. Take some pictures before it gets dark. The best photos of your night will be in that perfect light in the hour before sunset. Make sure to get your best costume photos and first door photos before the sun goes down.

2. Use ambient light. There will be some light during the night, so use it if you can. Turn your flash off set your camera to it’s widest aperture and a high ISO setting (if you know how to do that) and capture the light that is there.

3. Use your night portrait mode. Most cameras have a night portrait mode, it will usually be a face with a crescent moon or star next to it. This mode will give you those settings I mentioned above, a high ISO, and a wide aperture, but it will give you a slow shutter speed to capture the available light and then fire your flash to make sure faces are in focus. Remember, to hold still through the slower shutter. Don’t move until you the flash fires and the you hear the shutter close. This one is only going to work with mostly still subjects.

Don’t forget the most important part of Halloween: the CANDY!

Make sure to get that camera out again at the end of the night to capture your kids delight as they sort through their treats!

Hope these tips help you tonight! Have a Happy Halloween!

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