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Our 100th Post:
A Header Photo Shoot

Posted by: Maggie

These are for you Megan!

Doesn’t she look like such a big girl with her hair up?! I just realized this week that her hair is more than long enough to put up in pigtails or a half pony tail. Too bad she tends to pull the hairbands out pretty quickly unless you can distract her. I think I’ll try putting her hair up every day and maybe she’ll get used to it.

Congrats to us on our 100th post!  It has been about a year since we started the site. I’m not too impressed with 100 in a year, but we had a lot going on aside from Eleanor over the last year. I think I’ll try to at least double it over the next year. Frequent posting will of course resume after I take the Bar. Only four more weeks!