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Fabulous Friday: Eleanor’s New Kicks!

Posted by: Maggie

Eleanor’s old converse were getting a bit small and super beat up, so last weekend we went and got her a brand new pair! She asked for pink shoes, so we found her the most awesome pair of hot pink chucks! I’m completely jealous and want a pair for myself!

Happy Friday friends!

Fabulous Friday: A Perfect Summer Sandal!

Posted by: Maggie

I completely realize that what I’m about to say is going to be very unpopular, but it’s how I feel and so I’m just going to say it.

I hate flip flops.

I know, I know, I live in Southern California and here a statement like that is blasphemy! But people, I just hate them! I think they’re ugly and too casual for pretty much any occasion and I cannot stand that sound they make when they slap the wearer’s heel. If you want to wear them to the beach or to the pool that is just fine with me. Those are the places they are appropriate for, but  I don’t want to see them at the mall, at the grocery store, at the coffee shop. Really, I don’t want to see them at all.

I mean, c’mon people, can’t we all just try a little harder and get a pretty sandal that slips on just as easily and is just as comfortable? Please?

For example, I recently picked up a pair of sandals from Payless that I just love. They are perfectly comfortable, slip on and off easily, and make it look like I put a little effort into my appearance.

Please folks, ditch the flip flops and try a cute pair of sandals. I’m begging you!

Fabulous Friday: Zappos.com

Posted by: Maggie

This week I ordered a pair of shoes from Zappos.com. I’ve been a fan of Zappos for a while. While I think that the site needs a makeover, it’s not the most attractive, stylish looking site, I love the ease of shopping on their site. I have some pretty specific needs when I shop for shoes. I wear a size 5 which can be pretty difficult to find. A lot of brands start at size 6 and a lot of stores only carry shoes starting at size 6. I also can’t comfortably wear a heel higher than 3.25 inches. What is great about Zappos is that they let you search by size, style, and heel height, among other search criteria. They also have free shipping and free returns. Which means that you can treat them like any shoe store. Order a pair, try them on, don’t like them or they don’t fit right, just send them back for free and order another pair!

But, while all of these are fantastic reasons to shop Zappos, this is not why I’m devoting a Fabulous Friday to them. As I said, I ordered a pair of shoes from them this week. I needed a pair of shoes that are both super comfortable and cute to wear to the wedding I am second-shooting for Amy in April (where I’ll be on my feet for at least a 10 hour day). I did a lot of research on various discussion boards online, and got some good recommendations. I found the ones I wanted easily on Zappos (I’ll post later on the shoes themselves to let you know how they work out) and I was able to read a number of good reviews on Zappos itself.

Anyway, I ordered these shoes Tuesday at 4pm and chose the standard free shipping of 5-10 days or whatever it is. Shortly after ordering, I got an email that said that I was getting a complimentary upgrade in shipping, and not only that, but the shoes and been packed and were being shipped right away! The shoes arrived the next morning at about 10am. That is only 18 hours later. I got free shipping and they arrived in less than a day. And this is the second time they’ve done this for me, for no reason! Just because they have fantastic customer service!

You rock Zappos! They are all about customer service, and when they say they “Deliver WOW Through Service” they mean it! Love those guys! You can read more about their unique company culture and values on their site here.

p.s. I saw the CEO on Oprah a few years ago, the guy is young and brilliant, and it sounds like an amazing company to work for!

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