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A Song for Saturday: Kissing the Lipless

Posted by: Maggie

The Shins album this song is on always feels like summer to me. I never want to listen to it at any other time of the year. But as soon as it starts getting really warm I have the urge to put it on. It reminds me of the summer after my last year of undergrad at UCLA, living with Josh in a teeny tiny apartment in West L.A., working the early morning shift at Jamba Juice, driving home in the afternoons with smoothies for the both of us, planning our wedding for that August. I just love summertime memories!

Happy Saturday friends!

A Song for Saturday: Put Your Records On

Posted by: Maggie

A song to welcome summer!

Happy Saturday friends!

A Suite at the Dodger Game

Posted by: Maggie

A few weeks ago, Josh won a pair of tickets to a suite at the Dodger Game. We were pretty excited because it included free parking and free snacks and drinks, so it was a totally free date!

We arrived and found the suite area at the stadium.

It was like walking into a hotel. Instead of the khakis and Dodger blue polos that the regular staff wear, the staff in the suite area were all in suits. There was a cart of fancy desserts in the hallway and when we walked in it looked like we were indeed in the sitting area of a hotel suite.

There was even a giant flat screen for…well…I guess in case you didn’t actually want to watch the game. A few of our fellow suite guests were actually sitting and watching the Laker game.

Our seats for watching the Dodger game were two rows of office chairs with a small counter in front of them for your drinks and food.

The last row had a wider counter and bar stools. We were a little late so that’s where we ended up. That’s Josh in the brown shirt:

I guess the suite seats are supposed to have a good view of the game, however, because we ended up in the back row and because I’m a teeny tiny 4′11″, this was my view of the game:

Not very good. I think Josh had a ¬†better view since he’s a little more than a foot taller than me, and there was a little tv to the side of us so I could see what was going on.

I have to say that I was very disappointed. Neither of us are sports fans at all. We don’t actually follow the Dodgers at all, but I love going to games. I really really do. I love to be there wearing my Dodger shirt supporting my home team. And I love the crowds, all of these different Angelinos who come out to see their team. I love Los Angeles and to me Dodger stadium is one of the best spots in the city. It reminds me of summer and my childhood and my city.

But being in that suite was pretty miserable. It didn’t feel like being at a game at all. All I wanted to do was eat a big bag of peanuts and throw the shells on the ground, but instead this is how my peanuts were served:

I wanted to see people around me eating Dodger Dogs out of those paper containers, but instead the Dodger Dogs came in these lovely warming dishes.

I really wanted to eat some Carnation ice cream out of a paper cup with a little wooden spoon, instead there was some fancy dessert on a platter that was already gone when we arrived.

I need to go back soon and get tickets for a real seat, to enjoy a Dodger game the right way!

Overall a disappointing day, but at least we won!

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