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Wordless Wednesday:
We’ve Been Spending A Lot of Time at the Pool

Posted by: Maggie

In an effort to make posting a little easier for me so that I might actually post a few times a week, I’m introducing two new features to the website. The first is Wordless Wednesday (the second will debut on Friday). Every Wednesday I’ll be featuring some of my favorite photographs from the preceding week sans commentary. Since editing photos already takes quite a bit of time, I’ll be saving myself the additional time and effort of writing a story to go with the photos. I’ll be sure to pick only the photos that are able to speak for themselves. I hope you all enjoy!

New Hair Again

Posted by: Maggie

Is it weird that I feel the need to let everyone know every time we get our hair cut? Probably, right?

But how can I resist the cute Eleanor and Stacy pics? Thanks Stacy!

Here are our before and afters:

We have been so busy lately that it had been quite a while since we had been to see Stacy. Once I realized that Eleanor could no longer see through her bangs, I called to make our appointment.

You may also notice the two inches of roots in my before. Stacy fixed that up for me and gave me a fabulous summery strawberry blonde!

Father’s Day!

Posted by: Maggie

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