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Wordless Wednesday: First Swim of the Year

Posted by: Maggie

Summer at the Pool

Posted by: Josh

Well the fall is almost here, and you know what that means. Only two more months of going to the pool! Choke on that, East Coast! We’ve got a nice pool at our complex, and every weekend Eleanor very politely demands that we go there immediately following breakfast. Maggie has usually gone to exercise, so me and the girl suit up and roll to the pool. Since it’s only 10 a.m., and all of the lousy bums who live around us are sleeping one off or praying, we tend to get the pool all to ourselves. Well, there is this one guy named George who is usually drinking a beer in the spa, but he mostly keeps to himself.

Our outings primarily consist of me chasing Eleanor around the entire perimeter of the pool, and the spa, and the barbecue, and the soda machines (which she peers into and says “Baby Bear?” because for some reason the soda machines are caves in which Baby Bear probably lives), and the gazebo. Only lately has she shown much interest in actually getting INTO the water, and even that doesn’t last more than a few minutes. No, going to the pool is more about being seen, and the scene.

Since I’m training to eventually be Maggie’s second shooter (I just rounded the corner on sixth shooter and have move into fifth shooter status, woo!), here are some mediocre shots of us enjoying the summer. Actually it’s just Eleanor, since she has yet to show any interest in taking pictures of me. Also because nobody should be taking pictures of me without a shirt for the same reason you don’t take pictures of the sun. Nobody wins.

The Pool 1
The Pool 2
The Pool 3
The Pool 4
The Pool 5
The Pool 6
The Pool 7
The Pool 8
The Pool 9
The Pool 10
The Pool 11
The Pool 12
The Pool 13

Leaving the pool last weekend, Eleanor says, “I want some gummies.”
“Gummies? Where did you eat gummies?” I asked. I don’t think we’ve ever given her gummi bears.
“I eat them at school!”
“Really? Who gave you gummies at school?” I asked.
“Nobody. …Nevermind.”

Seriously. That’s what my two-and-a-half year old said. “Nobody. Nevermind.”

Wordless Wednesday: First Swim of the Year

Posted by: Maggie

(And that’s about as close as she came to actually going in the water – a post for another day.)

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