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In Action

Posted by: Maggie

Another fun part of second shooting a wedding for Teegan Photography was getting to watch and photograph Amy (and Andrew) in action. I thought Amy might like some shots of herself shooting, and I just couldn’t help myself. If I didn’t mention it earlier, Andrew was working as Amy’s assistant at the wedding. So I got some shots of each of them throughout the day.

But before we get to them here’s one of me:

And now, the Schuberts in action.

Thanks for the fun kids!

Keith & Shannon’s Paso Robles Wedding
for Teegan Photography

Posted by: Maggie

Last month I was lucky enough to get to second shoot a wedding for Teegan Photography. The bride and groom were such sweet people and so good looking. They made for some really lovely images.

I shot so many great pictures! I could blog for days. But I thought instead I’d just show you my very favorite images from the day.

I think that the getting ready photos were my favorite part of the day. I love hair and makeup.

The groom’s first look:

The location of the wedding was really stunning, Pear Valley Vineyards in Paso Robles, CA. Such a great backdrop for such a beautiful day.

My very favorite image of the day:

(You can probably tell why I’m not a wedding photographer if that is my favorite image. I’m a fierce portrait and not so much a joyous occasion kinda lady.)

Just look at that sky! So moody and perfect! But it was freezing up on that hill where the ceremony took place.

Although, I don’t think weddings are my style (I’m not really an event photographer, I much prefer a more controlled styled portrait session), I really had a great time shooting this wedding with Amy. It was a new experience for me and fun to see another photographer in action. I also love weddings! So it was fun to get to attend one. I think I cried 3 or 4 times that day! I know, if you know me you wouldn’t think it would be my style, but I’m such a sucker for seeing a bride in her dress, seeing the groom see his bride in her dress for the first time, the ceremony, and the toasts. All of them make me cry. Another great reason why I wouldn’t be a great wedding photographer. It’s hard to see through the viewfinder when your eyes are full of tears!

Congrats to Keith & Shannon! And thanks to Amy!

You can see Amy’s sneak peek of her images on her photography site, and some highlights from the day on her personal site.

Sneak Peek: Keith & Shannon’s
Paso Robles Wedding

Posted by: Maggie

Two weekends ago I had the honor of second shooting a wedding for Teegan Photography. Here’s a little sneak peak, more images to come!

You can see Amy’s sneak peek here.

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