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Thanksgiving Part Two: Dinner and the Aftermath

Posted by: Maggie

Thanksgiving went by pretty quickly this year with very little down time. We had dinner at my mom’s, but were assigned to bring three dishes (we also brought the chocolate chip cookies I made with Eleanor that morning).

Josh and I started cooking at home around noon. Josh made brussels sprouts in a garlic butter sauce, soooo delicious! I made a vegetarian stuffing and a vegetarian gravy. Both turned out pretty good. The stuffing was Trader Joe’s boxed stuffing. Quick, easy and delicious. For the gravy, I found a recipe online, it was pretty good, except I made it ahead and it thickened up so much that when I reheated it at my mom’s I had to thin it out a lot and I didn’t bring the seasonings with me so it was a tad bit bland, but still not bad.

There was so much going on, and I was helping to get food onto the table and chase Eleanor, so I didn’t get to take any pictures until after dinner. I know, no food pictures, sorry!

But here is Eleanor being adorable, resting with her Uncle Emmett after an exhausting day:

The cookies Eleanor and I made:

Tasty homemade cider, (I think my brother Elliott and his girlfriend Lilly made it):

And of course you need Brandy for that cider:

Pumpkin cookies my mom made:

And that was Thanksgiving! I’m disappointed that I didn’t get any family photos, Josh, Eleanor, I looked cute in the sweaters I bought us just for the occasion! Oh well, I’ll do better at the rest of the festivities this month!

Thanksgiving Part One: Baking Cookies with Eleanor

Posted by: Maggie

Thanksgiving went by much too quickly this year. First thing in the morning Eleanor and I baked some chocolate chip cookies. Just because I knew she would love them!

We had three other dishes to make to bring to Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s house that afternoon. So I wanted to start out making something fun with Eleanor. And she loved it!

I forgot to put aprons on us! Don’t worry, we changed into our special Thanksgiving outfits before heading over for dinner! Thanksgiving photos tomorrow!

Thanksgiving Part Four: Second Thanksgiving!

Posted by: Maggie

My parents trade off hosting holidays. This year my dad had Thanksgiving, but my mom likes to do another simpler Thanksgiving on her off years. So we went over to Go Go’s on Saturday night for a second Thanksgiving dinner.

My sister Maria and her husband Christian were with his family on Thanksgiving so we were glad to see them for Second Thanksgiving!

And that was Thanksgiving!  Coming soon: Hanukkah!

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