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Family Date Night: Santa Monica Pier

Posted by: Maggie

As part of my resolution to spend more quality time with Josh and Eleanor I decided we should start having more family outings on weekend evenings, rather than our usual sitting around the house. Our first Family Date Night was to the Santa Monica Pier. We intended to do a picnic on the beach and then hit the carousel. But neither of those things worked out.

We arrived later than we planned so it was almost dark and had grown pretty cold and windy. So instead we decided to grab a hot meal at Bubba Gump. It was decent, nothing to rave about. After dinner we headed to the carousel only to discover that they had just closed, at 7pm! On a Saturday Night! Ridiculous! Of course, Eleanor was very disappointed, and the screaming fit rather than sulking kind of disappointment. To appease her we found something more fun to do, a night time walk on the beach.

It was so cold, but Eleanor was thrilled! And it was actually a lot of fun to dip our toes in the water by the light of the ferris wheel. Lovely!

We ran from the incoming waves for a while then headed back to the car. We were parked on the opposite side of the pier, right near the beach so we decided to walk underneath it rather back up the beach and around. It was very dark and creepy under the pier at night! But we used our iphones to light our way! Spooky fun!

Fun was had by all and we even made it home by Eleanor’s bedtime! A successful first family date night!

Beach Baby

Posted by: Maggie

We took Eleanor to the beach for the first time over Memorial Day weekend. We were concerned that it would be crowded, but I guess we got there early enough because there were only a handful of people when we got there. By the time we left, however, the masses had begun to arrive.

Guess what Eleanor did first?

That’s right, chow down on some delicious beach sand. How did you know? She gave it two thumbs up, far superior to that bland park sand.

She was very excited to head off into the water with her Daddy. We were a little worried that her reluctance at the pool would correspond to a fear of the ocean.

As it turns out the two are not related.

She loved the ocean. She would have stayed in all day if we had let her. At first it seemed like she was surprised by how cold it was and then was just tolerating it, but as soon as the waves washed back out she walked back toward the water. She did this over and over again, following the water and saying “coming, coming” as in, “the water is coming.” And then she would hold our hands and smile as the waves washed over our feet.

And of course, what is the first thing Eleanor does when wet and walking back to the towels to dry off? Yep, you guessed it again, have a nice sit down right in the dry sand. And you know, she’s got to make sure that it covers as much of her as possible.

After some frolicking in the water, we sat down to a beach picnic lunch. By the end of lunch, we’d dried off completely, so we packed up and headed home. A good time had by all.