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Fabulous Friday: Trader Joe’s Holiday Joe-Joe’s

Posted by: Maggie

I just discovered these! I’m not big on sweets (aside from ice cream of course), but I do love a good Joe-Joe! (those are Trader Joe’s brand of Oreos for those of you non-Trader Joe’s shoppers) Josh usually does our grocery shopping, since I bring home massive amounts of ice cream and other things we don’t need. BUT Josh was out of town last weekend so I got to shop and buy things like these:

And oh my goodness, am I ever glad I did! They are amazing! They are chocolate-covered Joe-Joes in four flavors: Peppermint, Gingerbread, Double Chocolate, and Peanut Butter! So freaking delicious!

I’m telling you, you NEED to go buy these now! Do it! You’ll thank me!

A Fear of Balloons

Posted by: Maggie

Lately we’ve started taking family trips to the grocery store. Josh used to shop alone, because it is quicker and he can carry all the groceries up to the apartment and I can carry nothing. But I really like grocery shopping, especially at Trader Joe’s, so I decided we should go as a family on Sunday afternoons. A few weekends ago, as we were checking out at Ralphs, the checker grabbed a balloon and gave it to Eleanor after hearing her point to the balloons and say “Baaah-looon.” She recognizes balloons and knows the word because there is a balloon in Goodnight Moon.

She was so excited to get her very own balloon, but somehow between the store and the car she developed a fear of the balloon. I think it had something to do with the fact that it was windy out and the balloon was blowing around wildly.

When we got home we tried to get her to play with it and show her that there was nothing to be afraid of.

After a little while she was willing to pull it down and touch it. But when it hit her in the head, she wasn’t having any more of that.

I think her fear might also have something to do with the fact that they float mysteriously in the air and seem to have a life of their own. It is a little crazy if you don’t know what helium is or how it works.

She got over her fear the following weekend (unfortunately for us, because we thought it was hilarious) when the Trader Joe’s checker gave her a balloon. When she got it home she just wanted to pull it down and bite it. So our new answer to the question, “Would you like a balloon for your daughter?” is “No, thank you!”